Friday, April 9, 2010

When the Cat's Away...

Mr. Southern is out of town for work. While this used to happen far more often, his trips have decreased (while mine, on the other hand, have definitely picked up!). While of course I miss him, it is admittedly nice to have a moment of solitaire (if you can call hanging out out with four dogs solitaire).

Of course, me in the house unchaperoned with several projects on the agenda is asking for trouble. You see, Mr. Southern is an Engineer. Born into a family of engineers. This means that he does not "measure twice, cut once." This means that he measures three times, walks away from a project in case the measurements change, comes back, measures three or four more times, studies intently, and then cuts. I, on the other hand, am more of an instant-gratification kind of girl, preferring to measure once, and then cut about 50 times to get it right. This applies to just about everything- determining where to plant something, where to hang a picture, hang curtain rods, paint, etc. Clearly his way is better, but it seems to take much longer.

Without Mr. Southern's precision, I was free to hang my recent purchases from One Kings Lane. I managed to score two of the Anemone botanical prints a few weeks ago after debating with myself whether I needed them or not. I was looking for two square pieces of art and these were a veritable bargain! And it had been a while since I purchased from the gals at OKL.

I actually cut out squares from wrapping paper and hung them on the wall so I could determine exactly (read: pretty much) where I wanted them. I am sort-of breaking the art rules, I guess, as neither is really at eye level. Hmm. Here they look a little close together.

Unfortunately, I stink at cutting in a straight line so I couldn't show you the white squares on the wall. But here they are hung.

Hopefully, this gives you some perspective of the scale. I think it looks OK, what do you think? I could probably add a little more space (there is an inch between the two now) but given that this corner typically houses a dog bed, I didn't want to hang the bottom frame too low.

At least Mr. Southern will be home tonight to fix anything amiss. On the bright side, I only ended up with three nail holes for two pictures- that is pretty good!

And, please pardon my sappiness, but another example of my "opportunities" is my inability to make coffee properly any more, since Mr. Southern kindly makes it for me every morning. In my last attempt, I didn't put the filter in properly and we had coffee all over the counter.

So this is what I found when I awoke this morning.

Awww... isn't he sweet! (and for the record, while I am taking a vacation day today, I was up before 8:42AM, I just didn't photograph it right away!!)

Have a fun weekend!



  1. I really like those prints - and your wall color is great as well! How sweet that your hubby left you note aobut the coffee - good guy!

  2. You did such a great job girl! It usually takes me 4 or 5 holes! {haha} You have one sweet hubby! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  3. Emmie - what a fabulous husband you have. I laughed out loud about 'engineers'. It's just a proven fact isn't it?! I dated an engineer & his tooth brush had to be just so in the medicine cabinet. My spouse isn't an engineer but he's a structural designer & just like that. When it comes to hanging art, I always wait until he's gone from the house!! So, you are not alone. I taught him how to make an espresso drink & now he get's better foam than I do & I worked for Starbucks for many years.

    Enjoy your space as when the return it's all the better. Your art is A++ & looks perfect on the wall. Have fun xx

  4. Hah! Your household sounds so much like mine it's scary -- Dave is all about precision. Cuts exactly. Does it right the first time, etc. I, on the other hand, prefer to "eyeball" everything. Every picture we have hung is hiding at least 2-6 "not quite right's". :)

    And I love the pictures! -- the distance between them is good. I like to keep the spacing pretty tight.


  6. love the pictures, I think they look great there and are the perfect size for the space.

    What a sweet husband you have to make you coffee!

  7. Great job with the pictures....and great big AWWW for Mr. Southern!

  8. awwww! That is SO sweet!
    I hear you on the engineer thing - I know so many engineers. Everything gets done precisely. I, on the other hand, like to measure by "feeling" - as in, "it feels like the center" "this feels right" "this feels like it might be too high." I haven't damaged TOO many walls :)

  9. Your prints look terrific and you Mr. Southern is sweet, Emmie. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. SOOOOO cute! What a sweet guy. :)

    I love the OKL prints...I think you did a great job

  11. Emmie,
    You did a great job with the prints...and they are lovely. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. Have a wonderful weekend. Rita

  12. I am an instant gratification girl, too! This is probably why the shelf in the bathroom fell on my husband's head last month (...we bought a drill after that...)

    Your pictures are perfect. Nice job!!


  13. You are a picture hanging girl after my own heart. Love it! Hope you had a wonderful day off!

  14. like the prints and love the note--so sweet!

  15. hah hah, it's good to have a homey guy making sure that everything works well! good job with the hangingn, it looks very nice

    have a happy weekend!

  16. Mr. Pink is the same way that is why I usually hang what I want and do not ask for help, unless it is big or heavy.

  17. lol ...too cute! I'm sort of in between the two of you. l used to just eyeball it and hang it and get pretty darn close. But now, I measure until the cows come home. It's annoying really, lol!

  18. Good catch! Loved all of this post, it actually has me giggling because I can relate to everything you said. And those prints, looks like you most certainly 'needed' them, that's my professional opinion :-)

    Play on!

  19. You did great. They look fantastic!

  20. Aww, I love the little note from husband. Kinda start your day off just right!


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