Friday, September 25, 2009

HOT fabrics (more pink and orange... by Pollack)

Hot indeed. One of my favorite things from the latest ElleDecor issue- this ad. May have to reach out to you designer-types as this is to the trade only. :-)

One thing you didn't get from the ad- the fabrics. Here they are:
Serendipity 6045/06 zinnia
Starlight Velvet 5061/07 Mars
Kaleidoscope 6046/05 piñata
Fer Shirr 4086/07 marigold (discontinued color)
Good Impression 2318/07 lipgloss
Wellfleet 4129/16 rhododendron
Flanders 5064/12 cardinal
Scrollplay 2326/05 sangria
Smooth 9914/18 nail polish
Dowry 4122/05 bindi
Fleury 2323/08 fireball
Tiara 4130/07 topaz
Palio 4117/08 Titian

one pet peeve- why feature a discontinued color? Ah well, I love anyway.

Have a HOT weekend!


PS: Blogger and I are having some issues. I'm trying to post comments on your lovely blogs and I keep getting timeout error messages. :(


  1. Beautiful colors. Love the orange with the pink. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Gorgeous. Pink/Orange combination always makes me think of Tory Burch, love it!

  3. Fun color combo! It has two of my favorite colors so of course I love it together!

  4. I so love pink and orange...both together and apart. Have a great weekend, Emmie!

  5. Gorgeous colors - these would look wonderful against white.

  6. I love orange and pink. Well, you know I love orange!


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