Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Way of Living

A Way of Living

Sounds pretty perfect, right? This is the introduction to Pia and Simon Pearce's new book, A Way of Living.

Mr. Southern (alas, who is not really Southern at all) grew up near one of Simon Pearce's shops and has known about Simon Pearce glass for years.

I first learned of Simon Pearce while watching Sweet Home Alabama (Something's Gotta Give also features Simon Pearce work). I just loved the glass, but Mr. Southern identified it as Simon Pearce immediately.

We love it so much, we registered there for our wedding. No crystal, just Simon Pearce. They have a fantastic registry program.

A Way of Living features 180 pages of glorious photographs and 27 recipes from the Simon Pearce restaurants. It aims to show the reader the "inspirations and the personal significance" of their glass and pottery items in order to create a beautiful way of living.

In truth, perhaps the book is a large glorious catalog of Simon Pearce offerings. Regardless, I will be awaiting to purchase October 8 at the Atlanta book signing.

Click here for locations and dates for the book signing.

Note: all photos obtained from Simon Pearce's website and admittedly used without permission.


Post Script- photos used WITH permission and what great news about the recipes! The food is really quite fabulous at the restaurant I've visited.


  1. I love Simon Pearce. There is a local store that carries his items.
    I go there and wish I could have one of each item at least if not more of his items.

  2. Hi Emmie,

    It's okay, you have permission to use the images. ;)

    Thanks for the write up. I'm sure you'll love the book. It does have a lot of product photography, but also a great deal of history and background behind Simon and Pia. And the recipes are spectacular. We've released some of our restaurant recipes in the past, but always in restaurant quantities (i.e. enough to feed an army). With this book, Pia has done an amazing job of scaling back the recipes to manageable portions.

    I hope you enjoy the signing event.

    Melissa Dickerson
    Webmaster/Simon Pearce

  3. I adore Simon Pearce, and I am beyond ecstatic about this new book! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  4. I was not familiar with Simon's glass, so thanks for the intro, Emmie. Beautiful!

  5. I love their glass, everything is so pretty. My mom actually just came back from their VT location. She had lunch at the mill there and said it was just amazing. I'm planning a trip up there myself soon, it looks beautiful!

  6. I love Simon Pearce- and have been to the shop and restaurant in Vermont-both were fabulous!
    I didn't know about this book- but am off to search now. Thank you!

  7. We have a wonderful Simon Pearce salad bowl and a cutting board which we use every day. The book looks amazing.


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