Thursday, October 1, 2009

Designer Introduction Courtesy of Facebook

Hilton Head Beachouse

We're fortunate in Atlanta to have a lot of great design talent (and none have appeared on RHoA, that I've seen... sorry, watching re-runs of it last night and am just amazed). I digress.

This morning, I actually found a Facebook ad interesting! Joel Kelly Design. His work has appeared in Atlanta Homes, Home and Garden, Veranda, and Jezebel. I'm not sure if Kelly is an Atlanta native (there aren't many of us here), but he did earn his BS from Georgia Tech in 1991. He left Georgia to earn a Master of Architecture Degree from Princeton and worked for Michael Graves afterwards. Kelly returned to Atlanta in 1995.

Let's take a look at one of the magazine spreads- I was going to edit this down, but can't seem to do it. I LOVE these! It's a little more formal and traditional than his other spaces.

The rest of the photos today are largely on interior design in urban settings, Kelly seems to do architectural design as well.
This room is divine! Look at the headboard piece... and the spiral staircase! Love it.

The interesting art of decorating a loft... new twists on furniture placement like having a grand piano adjacent to the kitchen.

Very cool living room...

And who couldn't use an Oriental rug in the bath? Adds lots of elegance.

Holland Loft

Kelly seems to have done a good bit of work for people's beach homes, like the Amelia Island Penthouse below.
Another great master bedroom. Neutrals here are NOT boring.
A cooler neutral pallete for the dining room.

The Thornton Townhouse project also uses a lot of calming neutrals.

Can you see that shower/steam room in the back? Drool-worthy.

Like the warm wood and stainless here. Given my dark-wood kitchen, I need frequent inspiration other than the white kitchens I'm dying for...

Great shots of color through the rugs in the master bedroom. And I'd love a closer look at the painting over the bed.

Another wood and stainless kitchen. Check out the height of this space! I think the shelving helps exaggerate the height.

Glorious living room. The setee (right word?) is amazing.

Another drool-worthy bath.

Joel Kelly has some pretty interesting other projects, like this yacht in the BVIs.

Sabore Deck

Architecture Tourist would be interested in the weekly update on one of their latest projects on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed "meeting" Joel Kelly as much as I did!



  1. Emmie - thanks for this wonderful gallery. I can see why you couldn't edit the images - all wonderful. Thanks for intro - I'll be checking out his site..

  2. Wow, he can come do my home anytime. I love the peek of that first dining room!

  3. Oh and we had our wedding at the University of Florida which is where our photos were taken. : )

  4. Really gorgeous! Love the neutral elegant spaces.

  5. I don't blame ya for not editing - they are all wonderful.

  6. Where is it? Our teardown is now...torn down.


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