Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sea Life

Back to Alabama today to finish the business I didn't get to on my last visit (due to a cold, I cut the trip short). I'll leave you with some sea-inspired home decor options.

Do you know Karen Robertson? I admittedly stumbled upon her site after searching for framed sea fans (inspired by Odi et Amo).

I adored the designed spaces that greet you as you load her webpage....
Vibrant orange, soothing blues...

And a pop of purple that I actually really like!

Products are offered both Wholesale and Retail. Here are a few that struck my fancy.

Natural and tinted Sea Fans

Map of Paris

Blue Starfish Prints

and Red Coral prints

Black and White Roots (perfect for my dining room- a little farm-to-table reminder)

Fun throw pillows

gorgeous shell mirrors (wonder if I could DIY?)

Framed Shells/Starfish/Sand Dollars

One of the things I love about these pieces is that I don't think you have to have a coastal home to enjoy the look. Which is helpful, considering I live in landlocked Atlanta. :-) My only concern- does it disturb the natural sea life/coral capturing the sea fans? Must investigate.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Emmie, I love what you've picked out!! Those framed turquoise corals in the fourth pic are just to die for! And you're right, noen of the items are too "theemy" for "ordinary" design (or non coastal homes). Definitely inspirational! Thanks!!

  2. How would I even begin to chose what to get, I love all of it! Those pillows are so fun in addition to the wall decor!

  3. Lots of pretty! I wish I'd known of that source when I was redesigning the powder room @ the beach! Found alot of similar stuff, just all-over-the-place. Nice post!

  4. Never seen this before, they are so pretty! I think I love the royal blue ones the best, maybe its because I'm loving that color right now :)

  5. Oh my goodness I love these! Thanks so much for tracking Karen Robertson down and sharing her accessories with us.

    And I'm truly flattered that my sea fans inspired this search!

  6. Oh what wonderful pieces, I love the shell mirrors. Think I'll stay away for DIY though ... it's bound to be a disaster with my non crafting skills.

    Loved the barn in the previous post, very cool indeed.

  7. Loving all this seaside decor. Very pretty!

  8. It's my first time to visit and I love this post. That tent is outrageous! Just like the kind { well, it’s actually prettier } that we had at Girl Scout camp. I want one for my very own soooooo badly!

  9. What a beautiful & simple celebration of nature. Emmie- think your readers might be interested in my easy botanicals today? They're pretty similar (so pretty, so easy, so shall we say budget friendly)-I'll post the link below just in case!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for all your encouraging comments, hope all the doggies are doing famously!



  10. Those chairs with the orange pillows have me at Hello! Also love the botanicals - great find!

  11. Just lovely!

    If you're still up tonight would you do me a favor and vote for me - I'm in this little contest, and I'm losing by about 40 votes. You have a couple of hours left - the vote is for today Wednesday. I ask you because you graciously follow my blog. Thanks xo xo
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  12. Emmie, if you're looking for some more inexpensive options, I just saw that the sea fans I bought off of One Kings Lane are available again for $109 a piece. If you don't have a membership to OKL, shoot me an email and I'll send you an invite!


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