Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So much for my love of Cool Nights and Warm Days... I forget that always leaves me with just a Cold. So, as I try to work from home... I found a little something to brighten my day.

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is out! Yep, get ready folks, the holidays are on the way. It will be interesting to see what retailers throw at us to convince us to shop until we drop. Let's take a look at some splurges, shall we!?

First, a few of the notable fantasy gifts. Of course, there's also the car, motorcycle, and plane, but these are more interesting.


Algonquin Round Table experience, $200,000 for the chance to dine with at least eight authors, with all proceeds going to First Book (their charity recipient this year). Assuming these authors are engaged participants, this has the makings for a great evening.


Another winner-- Hall Artisan wine and Art Experience $20,000 - $3,200. Select either luxury accommodations, tours of the winery and their contemporary art collection, a private dinner and wine, and the creation of your own cuvee- to be shipped to you after aging in French Oak or the artisan wine cellar set.

I'd take either option, of course, but I'd also like that chandelier.

And now... what to wear...

The perfect holiday frock, by Magaschoni. Love the color- and the fact that it's not the traditional red or green. Not sure that cut would look good on me, but we could try!

You know I'm dying for the Judith Leiber elephant bag.

Though this little Gucci number may be more practical. Love the oil-slick appearance.
Jimmy Choo's coated canvas also has lots of versatility. And, the sides fold in for more of a pocketbook or can go out for more of a tote.
Holidays are the perfect time for my friend David Yurman...

Or this ensemble for Gucci (not typically a Gucci girl, but I really like these!)

Or Heather Moore's charm tag necklaces.

And the perfect footwear for the end of the evening. I'd ask for the Cole Haan or Marc Jacobs slippers (skip the Uggs)...

The reality is that Mr. Southern and I will probably do a low-key holiday, but a girl can dream.



  1. Oh this is doing nothing for my "no shopping" rule I imposed on myself for a little while. I want everything you picked!

  2. Oh, a girl MUST dream! I love the little charm necklaces and the pink dress. Sadly, I don't have anywhere to wear such a frock!

  3. Love looking at The Book- what a fab job NM did with photos this year. Can't stop admiring that creative use of newsprint on the jewelry spreads. And I have to say this-I was so ANTI Uggs until last year when I put a pair on-it was like Dude, Now I get IT- this is why people wear these ugly, unflattering boots, Uggs are ridiculously comfortable. I got a gold pair last year for Christmas ;-)

  4. I cant believe this is out already, its not even Halloween!!

  5. Dying over that gorgeous purple frock. So lush!

  6. I am oohing and ahhing over this lovely book :)

    That dress is unreal, and I really enjoy the folded newsprint look. Chic and unexpected. The fun and playful look gets me right into the spirit -- thanks for sharing!

  7. Fun to look at those pie-in-the-sky books, isn't it. Very entertaining! XX

  8. Glad y'all enjoyed!

    As to the timing... I know it! I think the retailer trend is trying to extend the buying season... so Holiday merchandise comes out some before Halloween- we have Halloween and Christmas simultaneously, Thanksgiving and Christmas merge into "Holiday" and then of course, there's the "After Christmas" season.

    Will be interesting to see buying trends this year...

  9. Oh I love the NM holiday book...it's such a wonderfully fun fantasy. I'll take the Cole Haan slippers and the author dinner please. ;)


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