Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Event Reviews: Lint Roller Party and Simon Pearce Booksigning

We had a smashing evening at the Lint Roller party I mentioned a few weeks ago. We decided to take Samantha, as she is our best-behaved "kid" in public. She LOVED the special evening and sort-of pranced around on Daddy's arm.

Doesn't she look regal!?

We did take full advantage of Must Love Dog's photographer and will be ordering the photos of Miss Sammy.

Samantha is our first "baby"- I adopted her when we were living in Charlottesville from the Fluvanna County SPCA. They said she was a Chow/German Shepherd mix, but we're leaning more towards Border Collie/German Shepherd. She's quite an entertaining- and SMART- gal!

Be on the lookout for a Lint Roller party near you!

Sammy's Red Carpet Moment (she wants to kiss the photographer) but we have no idea who these two girls are

Another Kind of Party....

I also wanted to share with you my visit to Table Matters in Birmingham, Alabama for the Simon Pearce event. Due to travel plans, I hit the Birmingham event rather than the Atlanta one. And B'ham ladies, you should definitely visit this store. It doesn't hurt that it's in one of my absolute favorite parts of Birmingham (Mountain Brook).

The store is exceptionally cute and very well merchandised. Many of the displays, as one would expect, featured Simon Pearce. All the employees seemed to be on hand to help out and were quite friendly. Harriet, the manager, did a lovely job with the displays.

And Patricia, the owner, was a very gracious hostess. And exactly the kind of gal I'd love to be friends with.

Canapes set out for the guests

Pia Pearce was on hand to sign the book. Which is lovely, by the way. It is NOT just the pretty pictures on the website, but has a history of the company, glassblowing, discusses entertaining, and lots of great-sounding recipes.

Pia, after learning that Mr. Southern hails from "the Mushroom Capital of the World" made certain to mention the fabulous mushroom strudel in the book, courtesy of their Westchester restaurant.

Simon was on hand to sign his pieces as well. That helped give me the extra encouragement I needed to spend a small fortune.

I did, however, buy a lovely limited edition something something for Mr. Southern's parents for Chrstimas. (the store does a great wrapping job.)

And quickly incorporated all the new pieces into our existing collection so Mr. Southern didn't realize quite how much I purchased.

Hope y'all enjoyed the reviews!



  1. What lovely pictures! I love the simplicity of Simon Pearse...alas, I only have a small vase. Maybe one day I'll add to the collection.

    I had no idea you lived in Charlottesville!

  2. Love the idea of a lint roller party-I HAVE to look more into that, I could have one for days (JK). Am not familiar with Simon Pearse, nor have I been to BHam, but I have some friends there and know there is quite an interiors scene-hope up have a chance to pop up on it soon!

  3. Great post! I love that picture of y'all with your dog. You look very pretty!

  4. You, Mr. Southern and Sammy are a trio of fabulousness! Love the photo! And I have the Simon Pearce book on my wish list!

  5. What's a Lint Roller party? Love the scarf accent on canine friend :)
    I'm in BHM all the time - have to check that store out! thanks for the tip!

  6. awww, I remember when you got Samantha! I'm glad you made the final choice there :) I have to laugh about your last comment about incorporating all the new stuff quickly, I love it.

  7. your pup is so cute and i love the little family photo :)

  8. I don't know what a lint roller party is, but as I have about 15 lint rollers in the house, I might be ready for one. Your dog is a cutie.

  9. Thanks for your compliment on the merchandising. We are so glad you made it to our event. It was an intimate event with Pia and Simon having the opportunity to be one on one with them. Thanks for coming.

  10. what a sweet pup!!
    and a fantastic store, I will have to tell my cousin's wife about the store (they live in Birmingham)


  11. What a great doggie she is.. and yes very regal looking.. hehe Great family photo too. Thanks for visiting my way. Julie

  12. Thanks for all of the wonderful compliments!! I've got some really good pics of you and Simon (with your purchase for Mrs. Southern. Come by or call any time. Hope you had a safe trip home and that you're enjoying everything!


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