Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what a difference a day makes

First, I am not trying to make light of the weather here. Initially, I was going to title this something like, "why gardening can be challenging in the South" but feared it sounded too flippant. I just cannot believe the dramatic change in our landscape from the drought to the floods.

Please stay safe!

Lake Lanier, MSNBC 2007

Lake Lanier in 2007, HurricaneIan

Lake Lanier in 2008, Amanda Wood via National Drought Mitigation Center

Lake Allatoona 2007, mjn Flikr

Heritage Park, Canton GA (Mark07 via weather.com)

Foodies should recognize Canoe Restaurant (JenPScar via weather.com)

Humphries Hill Rd, wimpcheese via weather.com

After despising "the thing" in our yard (click for the post), we are very thankful for it as it has meant no flooding.



  1. I hate hurricanes, they cause flooding but is something we have to put up with in order to live in the beautiful South.

  2. Hello Ms. SA,
    Can't do loft tour, can't do Glenridge Hall. Have pleasant family activities. Last years' tour was fun. Lots of interesting lofts and art in the lofts and galleries. Hope you can do one and all. Le Flash at Castleberry Hill on Oct. 2 should be very cool.

  3. I've been on pins and needles with regards to all my family and friends in ATL. My goodness - it is a mess! And then when I saw this photo of my beloved Canoe, my heart sank! I was part of one beautiful wedding there a few years ago...and I am very partial to a former chef that onced made food come alive inside that kitchen.

  4. It sure is a mad world - here in Australia we're desperate for rain and today most of the south east of the country has been blanketed in a massive dust storm. Leigh

  5. Yes, thankfully you had your stump! It's crazy to see those pictures!

  6. the rain was pretty wild but athens didn't see anything like atlanta. i was confused for a while about what all the hoopla was about (let's be honest, we southerners DO NOT handle inclement weather with grace).

  7. I too didn't take the whole thing seriously. We definitely tend to be a bit overly dramatic here about our weather. It wasn't until I started driving north of the city and saw the flooded roads and these photos that I began to realize how bad it truly was/is!

  8. We are a city of extremes. I remember when Gov. Perdue was on the verge of rationing water like they were already having to do further north. Two years later, we have too much.


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