Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Way of Living

A Way of Living

Sounds pretty perfect, right? This is the introduction to Pia and Simon Pearce's new book, A Way of Living.

Mr. Southern (alas, who is not really Southern at all) grew up near one of Simon Pearce's shops and has known about Simon Pearce glass for years.

I first learned of Simon Pearce while watching Sweet Home Alabama (Something's Gotta Give also features Simon Pearce work). I just loved the glass, but Mr. Southern identified it as Simon Pearce immediately.

We love it so much, we registered there for our wedding. No crystal, just Simon Pearce. They have a fantastic registry program.

A Way of Living features 180 pages of glorious photographs and 27 recipes from the Simon Pearce restaurants. It aims to show the reader the "inspirations and the personal significance" of their glass and pottery items in order to create a beautiful way of living.

In truth, perhaps the book is a large glorious catalog of Simon Pearce offerings. Regardless, I will be awaiting to purchase October 8 at the Atlanta book signing.

Click here for locations and dates for the book signing.

Note: all photos obtained from Simon Pearce's website and admittedly used without permission.


Post Script- photos used WITH permission and what great news about the recipes! The food is really quite fabulous at the restaurant I've visited.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chanel Gets Her Forever Home

I've blogged about Chanel in the past and had to share with you the great news! Chanel has found her forever home.

She will live in the North Georgia mountains with her new mommies who love her very much (she was the only dog they wanted to meet!)

We actually were in Hawaii when the initial meeting took place- but I saw these pictures and knew we had found the right home.

Meeting her mommies and new sister, Ginger, for the first time. Look at that smile!

Relaxing in our backyard

Saying goodbye to my girl

We will absolutely miss her but feel so blessed to have helped this little girl. She went from living in a crate 24/7 birthing babies to living the lovely life she deserves.

I don't often do public service announcements, but this one is important. Please please don't ever buy a dog from a store. You may think you're rescuing that doggy in the window, but you're really supporting a horrendous industry. Learn more at Stop Puppy

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paper Runway

The Atlanta airport is reportedly the busiest airports in the world. Those who live here- or have had to connect through the ATL- have likely all had their share of frustrations. However, this one thing I think the airport really has going for it- its art program. The program "develops and integrates art, exhibits and performances into the fabric of the Airport environment for the benefit of passengers and employees."

One of the latest exhibits ranks near the top of the coolest exhibits I've ever seen.
Unfortunately, its location in the T terminal means you very well may miss it.

"The Paper Runway is a juried exhibition of dynamic paper clothing. Featuring everything from handcrafted evening gowns to jewelry made out of magazine pages, each garment-inspired artwork is created from different types of paper. Materials range from recycled cotton rags to coffee filters to various handmade papers from fibers like abaca (banana leaf) and kozo (mulberry bark)." (source: Exhibit Brochure) While not necessarily practical, these paper dresses are fantastic works of arts.

We all know my opportunities with photography, but here are my pictures of the exhibit for you to enjoy. These first, you probably can't read, but I'm in the hopes that you see some of the work involved in making (weaving) paper.

One of the dresses in Betsy Dollar's series, The Little Black Dress

I could imagine wearing this with ivory trousers, hip shoes, and a top underneath.

Jacket Pilosic, Erica Spitzer Rasmussen

These next two remind me of my Grandmother, who once revealed she had a paper dress. I was shocked when I heard that, as it seemed so not conservative. Paper dresses were a quick hit in the 1960s as disposable party wear. The flamability factor, however, caused them to fall out of favor.

I love the pattern!

Jennifer Davies' updated version of the paper dress.

I adore the Kozo Fiber Shoes by Jill Powers.

Robert Ryan's Every Beat of My Heart dress reminds me almost of a Betsey Johnson number.

Julie McLaughlin and Mary Snyder Behrens' work:

You can see the detail and texture here... amazing.

I love the color and details of this dress, Celebrando Rosh Hashana by Mariana Kaplun. And seasonably appropriate!

This "Fairy Tail" by Susan Cutts is just so stylish! And features all handmade paper.

Gentlemen- there is a piece here for you- A Refined Suit by Rebecca Siemering, which features used lottery tickets, dental floss, and cloth.

The glamour gown- Michele Bayer's Thumbprint Dress. I love the structure of this dress.

The work was organized by the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum of Georgia Tech. Even with my love of paper, I had no idea Atlanta had this fantastic resource. A quick bit about the museum- its collections feature watermarks, papers, tools, machines related to papermaking, and manuscripts. The site also features an impressive array of books about all things paper- crafts, lighting, paper making, typography, etc.

Instead of having a dress form as an accent piece in my room, I'd love to have one of those dresses! If you're in the airport, please stop by to see this exhibit. As mentioned, it is in the T terminal, on the way out to baggage claims (just ask one of the security workers or shop folks and they'll direct you!)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Night with Habersham

Habersham’s Landscape Division sets the standard in residential and commercial gardening around the city, building strong ties with some of Georgia’s most respected contractors including landscape architects, builders, and residential and commercial developers.
Several fellow Atlantans have blogged about Habersham Gardens before... very cute garden center and gift shop almost in the center of Atlanta.... yet seemingly very far away from it all. Tucked off in a diverse section of town, Habersham has been around since 1978 (I think they need to update their website as they say celebrating 28 years in the garden, but maybe I'm confused).

Hop City. Quick note on Hop City- I had intended on stopping by their store- they house an impressive assortment of beer and wine as well as home brewing equipment (which I actually used to do, years ago in another life). Celine, the wine merchant, was delightful and I'll definitely be popping in.

Celine, Wine Merchant at Hop Season (sorry for the bad picture!)

The gardens were fabulous. One could get lost, in a good way, touring around the different "rooms" set up.

Honestly, I could take their garden center, plop it in my backyard, and be thrilled to pieces. How many garden centers can you say that about?

Love the planters and the way they've fluffed them full of greenery.

The merchandising of the statues and plants is great as well.

I have totally fallen in love with these dogs, and were I not spending so much on real-live needy dogs, might have picked these guys up (more on the real-life dogs soon!).

One of my favorite vignettes- the lookalike ghost chair among the greenery. I overheard a couple whispering to each other, "look- that's the chair we see in all the magazines!" I had to chuckle- but made sure to bring (drag) Mr. Southern over to teach him the importance of the chair.

I'd also love to add an armillary- either outdoors or in- and this seems a perfect steal at $99.

We ended the evening with a very late-night dinner at Alfredo's, virtually across the street. Seemingly an Atlanta Institution, Mr. Southern and I had never heard of the place. But we smelled the garlic. Wait was ridiculously long, but the service was great old-school Italian, food was quite good, and the night was quite entertaining. Alfredo's attracts a rather diverse crowd, but that's a story for another blog.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


Friday, September 25, 2009

HOT fabrics (more pink and orange... by Pollack)

Hot indeed. One of my favorite things from the latest ElleDecor issue- this ad. May have to reach out to you designer-types as this is to the trade only. :-)

One thing you didn't get from the ad- the fabrics. Here they are:
Serendipity 6045/06 zinnia
Starlight Velvet 5061/07 Mars
Kaleidoscope 6046/05 piñata
Fer Shirr 4086/07 marigold (discontinued color)
Good Impression 2318/07 lipgloss
Wellfleet 4129/16 rhododendron
Flanders 5064/12 cardinal
Scrollplay 2326/05 sangria
Smooth 9914/18 nail polish
Dowry 4122/05 bindi
Fleury 2323/08 fireball
Tiara 4130/07 topaz
Palio 4117/08 Titian

one pet peeve- why feature a discontinued color? Ah well, I love anyway.

Have a HOT weekend!


PS: Blogger and I are having some issues. I'm trying to post comments on your lovely blogs and I keep getting timeout error messages. :(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dancing With Myself...

...or in this case, dining with myself.

During the summer between my second and third year of college, I started a tradition of doing date night with myself. For whatever reason, shortly after my twentieth birthday, I decided I wanted to be an independent woman, able to dine on my own or see a movie on my own. I believe this was prompted by a book I had read, but sadly I can't remember which one.

My tastes have matured slightly from the seafood restaurant in Nags Head, North Carolina that summer (it was also my first solo vacation) and illicit glass of very chilled chardonnay. For a few years, I actually planned "date with myself night;" for example, when I lived in Minneapolis, I went to a concert (classical music) and dinner at nearby Capital Grill.
Given my work travel schedule, I have ample opportunities to set aside a fun tonight for myself without missing out on real date nights with my husband. Tonight was that night and gave me the opportunity to check out the frequently-blogged Casa Tua.

Yes, you've all likely seen the pictures and write-ups and sadly I don't have much new to offer on the place. Just my sad story about eating dinner alone. But I have to say, it did live up to the hype. My truffle risotto with asparagus was divine... and, a veritable bargain at $26 compared with the $49 I spent on a similar, but not as good, risotto at the Four Seasons in Hawaii. The wine list had some interesting finds, but also seemed overly marked up, but this is Miami.

And this was my very seat. Great view of the room and a fabulous book collection behind me.

via P Keigan, Flikr

Alas, one must be a member to visit the club upstairs and given my lack of A-lister status, I settled for the free cookies offerred and a cup of coffee. I love restaurants that give delicious cookies at the end of a meal.

Private Club Room via NY Times Blog

Note that the decor has been described as "Ralph Lauren-esque," quite fitting given that owner Miky Grendene's wife Leticia has modeled for RL's American Living campaign.

The property, built in 1925, is on the Historical Registery. The Grendene's purchased the house in 1999 and began extensive renovations. One may also "rent rooms" here- ranging from $750 and up, with the privilege of selecting linen types and bath products.
Has anyone stayed here? How was it? For more information, visit their website at:
PS Please note that a few pictured I did not credit- those are all courtesy (I believe) of the restaurant.