Friday, April 10, 2009

Doing Good

I was all set to order this fabulous personalized stationery that I had read about on The Preppy Princess a while back.  I decided I needed new personalized stationery to ensure I stay in touch and to practice my new name (which I'm using only socially so I have a tendency to forget which name to use depending on where I am.  Work- old name.  Social functions- new name.  So confusing).  And look at the card! I mean you really can't go wrong with Lilly and elephants.  But then I was reading Down and Out Chic and found the site Goods for Goodnesssake, where all of their profits go to charity.  So instead, I ordered these!  And jut $20 for 16 cards!

Don't worry, Preppy Princess.  I'll be coming to you for the Lilly wrapping paper for an upcoming book cover project! :-)



  1. oh yay! i love this company, fantastic choice.

  2. I love that choice, that is great (and maybe I need to check them out). Although, I have great orange notecards at the moment ;)


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