Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

I know that the sunburst/sunray/star mirror is probably overplayed by now. But I can't help but love it! I am looking to redo the dining room (although I will not allow myself to paint until I paint the trim in the house...which I'm not looking forward to doing). So, thinking of decorating the dining room is like the carrot for painting the trim.

Here are some thoughts... Several are a departure from the sunburst, but all are round.

Sun Ray Mirror from Room Service Home, $198

Horchow Cyrus Mirror, $199 on special

Horchow Steel Framed Mirror, $375 (I think less at CSN)

Horchow Marina Mirror, $245

available in silver, gold, or black

Glenna Jean, CSN, $138.46 (available elsewhere, but this is the cheapest I've seen)

Also available in copper for $479. Not sure how I feel about this one. Either really love it or not...

Available in black, white, pewter, harvest bronze, walnut (shown), and antique gold. Good size, at 40 inches.

Another Reflecting Design-- Ilyrian, CSN, $540.

Baker Sunburst Mirror in Gold or Silver

Thomas Pheasant for take a look at it in a room. Lovely!


  1. oh i love that bangle mirror! thanks for dropping by my blog, i hope you'll come back soon:)

  2. these mirrors are lovely, adore that first one! :)


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