Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Darling, I must confess... an introspective posting

Yesterday, I went to pay my credit card bill and whohee have I been having fun of late. I am fortunate (and no, I was NOT looking for sympathy) because I have the resources to pay that and still get my other bills.
Small stack of money, big stack of bills
It's just, that one, in particular, was just a little painful. Yep, it's Christmas and we have a large extended family. I love to give and I do it well (if I do say so myself)! And we traveled home for Thanksgiving and will for Christmas. And of course, (and this is the real culprit), I've found many things that I love and had to have. $200 here, $150 there, you get the idea.
GH pile of Christmas presents by table
Now my "number" is not outrageous and to many of you, quite possibly commonplace. That's the funny thing- we do not all have the same resources and it is silly to have to have fill in the blank just because someone else has it. Yes, you probably learned this as a teenager. Maybe even in your early twenties. I'm a little slower.

And it made me stop and think. One of the potential pitfalls of writing a blog with "Aspirations" in the title is to get a little swept away by all the things that I want. And forget about all that I aspire to be (which is quite different).

Clearly, this blog is not about one subject specifically (like many other bloggers can claim). Rather, it is a means for me to use my voice, connect with others, and discuss all things Southern Aspirations. Sort of like my version of a Southern Living magazine.
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I personally am going to try to reel in some of my consumerism- oh I'll still talk about the things I'm wanting and great houses/designs/fashion I love. But I also want, no need, to focus on gratitude. And the abundance I already have. And have/demonstrate a bigger appreciation for the simple things that are out there.

Please note- this not written with any judgement whatsoever. Many of you can probably run right out and get that Schumacher wallcovering I'm dying to hang in our entryway or that Diane von Furstenberg dress I need for the holiday party tomorrow night. And I will cheer for you! But I will also realize in my little head (well, I will try to remember) that I need to pay off graduate school loans and get my furniture restored, which I've been talking about for years now!

And, remember the Reason for the Season!



  1. I agree! It's easy to blog about all the material things we want. Good things to think about!

  2. LOL. You're adorable. I'm living pretty lean while I get my business up and going. I have 2 strategies: I always walk away upon first impression. If I cannot get whatever it is out of my head I return to consider it. Second, I remember there will never be a shortage of things I want. Thus, I'm not really missing out on any opportunity by leaving the object of my affection in a store when 2 minutes later, I will want something totally different.

  3. Very well said! I guess, simply said, it's all relative!!!
    And Claire makes a whole lot of sense in walking away @ first impression. ( you know how MANY things weren't there when I went back!!!And the hospital bill from the beating I gave myself cost more than the stupid item I was obsessing over!!!) But, it is still smart strategy!!!
    Oh yea. One last thought. People are always saying, "you can't take it with you". I want to shout..."that's exactly why we need it now!"
    Of course this is all a little tongue in cheek, but I seriously know from where you are coming.

  4. The holidays ARE expensive. I'm very grateful this year that our extended family decided to forego exchanging gifts and instead just spend time together so my holiday spend has been significantly less.

    I agree that when you blog about STUFF (as I do as well), it's easy to get a bit materialistic, but I try and remind myself that just because I blog about it, doesn't mean I have to HAVE it. In many ways, this has been successful and blogging has become my own way to catalogue and enjoy the things I love without having to possess them.

  5. And this is why I enjoy your blog. Well said, my friend.

  6. This is sweet. And so well said.

  7. I'm with you. It wouldn't be pretty if I bought everything I covet and blog about. But I still like to look. :)

  8. Perfectly stated. I aspire to indulge in the simple things!

  9. Thanks for the great little reminder. Those commenting also added words of wisdom and encouragement for one another.

    I received an email today that helped me put wants/needs back into perspective and focus. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us.

  10. Very well stated Emmie. I've missed this bloggy world and am not quite ready to comeback, but have still enjoyed reading a few of my favorites...
    Hopefully, I will be back in the saddle again soon.
    Have a wonderful family Christmas and make loads of great memories!


  11. The Season for Reason, I love it. So, "buy one for my sister, buy one for me" probably doesn't fit. We can aspire to own thing AND be financially sound, both can work!


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