Friday, December 11, 2009

My "Peaches" List... for the canine and the chef

One of my mother-in-law's closest friends started the tradition of Peaches Presents. I'm guessing we've all experienced this phenomenon at the holidays- when shopping for gifts for others, invariably we see gifts we'd love for ourselves. Well Mrs. S. had the brilliant idea to go ahead and buy those gifts, wrap them, and then sign them "To Mommy Love, Peaches." Peaches- of course- was her dog. I have fully embraced the Peaches Presents idea. So without further adieu, here's the first part of my Peaches list... gifts for the Canines and the Chef.

We've all seen the standard (and affordable) dog crate but how about a little upgrade? Unfortunately, none of my kids would fit into this (though Kaylee might) but how cool is this dog crate? Madison, the fraidy cat of the crew, would love a little hideaway in the great room, I'm sure.

DenHaus ZenHaus Modern Pet Crate in Mint Green
Den House,

To keep the smart dog entertained (in our house, it's Samantha), try of Nina Ottoson's Dog Smart toys. They involve puzzles and treats- your dog does some problem solving (i.e., finds the food) and is rewarded with the treat.

Nina Ottoson Dog Smart toy, Best Friends General Store

Dog beds have come a long way! No longer must we settle for the boring brown square. There is a type and style for everyone's Home Decor! Tilghman is a big fan of dog beds, especially after our recent training class when he learned that it was his "place."

Rectangular Bed - Hemp StripeRectangular Bed - ToileCatalina Island
Stylish Dog Beds from Henry Barker and Madison Mutt, Pawdigs

Call me crazy but I have long been a fan of dressing my dogs up. Yep, you know I am "one of those." But some dogs actually do need a sweater if they don't grow a thick undercoat. Make sure to get one with style. Love this one.

Argyle sweater (and other clothing items for big dogs), Hands n paws

Since the toys always end up all over the house, opt for cute ones. I love these colors!
West Paw Toys, Nimli

And for the stressed out furry friend, try these. (I have no idea if they work, but it's playing Classical music, so why not give it a shot?)

Music for calming, Through a Dog's Ears

And last but absolutely not least, one of the most important items to buy for your pet is a nametag with up-to-date contact information in case he/she were to take a stroll... And fun stylish options do exist!
Click to Enlarge
Designer ID Tags, Heart of My Heart Pets

And now... gifts for the chef. Not a direhard chef, mind you... the social entertainer chef. There are SO MANY options from which to choose, but here are a few.

set of 6 glasses, Stonewall Kitchen

With all of the "I Love Edwards" (and I still haven't read the series!) perhaps a cute garlic pot is in order?
Crosby & Taylor Hearts Garlic Pot
Hearts Garlic Pot, Coastal Gifts

Indispensable kitchen timer, why not make it cute?
Chicken Timer
Chicken Timer, Aldea Home

A little measuring action...
Tin Woodsman - Vinyard Measuring spoons with display postTin Woodsman - Vineyard Measuring Cups with display post

Tin Woodsman Measuring Cups and Spoons, Bonfetti

We all need a good set of plates- for the wall or for the table.
 Sarah Cihat  Lisa Neimeth App Plate Set - Set of 4 - Lisa Neimeth
Sarah Cihat, Lisa Neimeth, Horne

Of course, an apron is helpful if you're as messy creative as I am. And while I love the ever-popular Jessie Steele, may I suggest a Smock?
Amara Designer Smock ~ Designer Aprons | Kitchen Aprons
Amara Designer Smock, Smocks Design

One of my favorite tea towels are from Hammocks and High Tea and I was thrilled to learn that Reverie carries them!

Wild Ginger Tea Towel, Reverie

Everyone should have a few cakestands.... either for serving cakes or decorating. And these are my favorite.
Flirt Cake Stands
Flirt Ruffle Cakestand, Pot Luck Studios

And to serve it all up, I'd love anything Mariposa, the recycled aluminum, easy-breezy care line.
Snowflake Platter, Pineapple Post

I hope that some of these gifts have resonated with you- and perhaps introduced you to a few new sources!

Have a great day!



  1. Love your "peaches" list! Have a great weekend.

  2. I am whole-heartedly adopting the "peaches present" approach for myself this year! Love it!

  3. I love that dog crate! Though actually I think or cats would enjoy it more (they love really closed in spaces). I also love those ruffled cake stands -- too cute!

  4. I loved this post. Not that my 3 canine units need anymore pampering, but it is Christmas... woof!

  5. OMG! I love that little dog kennel! (And the dog!) Great items!!

  6. Ohhhhhhhh, the ruffled cake stand. SO so pretty!

  7. Adorable little white Frenchie!! Ugh-love him (and his neon green house). Old Navy always puts their doggie clothes right beside the register & I always get sucked in, Target also does cute ones...
    And just an FYI, if you want to try painting the pups toes, I use Sally Hansen's fast dry nail pen. Works great :-)

  8. I am determined to get that crate for my dog Zoe. It's adorable and I instantly hate the one she has now!

  9. Okay, your story actually had me laughing, I just woke my Mom up! (she's watching a movie with me tonight, but just drifted off to sleep) This is a GREAT idea...

    Your picks are fabulous! The crate, the unique glasses, the cake plate -- such great finds. You have just inspired me -- I now know what I shoulld buy someone who I have been having troubles with. Thank you :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend*

  10. So many lovely gorgeous doggy things!! x

  11. I actually was surfing the web for my "canine kids" presents. Last year presents were a debacle, as the sweaters i ordered barely covered their neck. I am looking for smart warm coats for their endless hours of play during our freezing winter days and my pitbulls mix have no fur to keep them warm. Any suggestions??
    Let's not forget my own these glasses. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful....Francine

  12. I've been doing the 'Peaches' thing for years and didn't know it had a proper name! What a cute story, not to mention the great gift ideas.
    Have a fun weekend!

  13. Harry is adding some of these to his list!

  14. Those are such great ideas, I wish I had a dog to give them to!

  15. "from peaches" is a great idea!!! those glasses are FAB, as is the garlic pot....actually, all your gift ideas are inspirational....great blog.

  16. You won my Giveaway! Please email me your address so I can have the company mail you the gift.

  17. Thank you for the great list of doggy gifts! Every year I spoil the two pups and these are great gifts for them!

  18. Must have a den house - do they make them for teens?! Thanks for all the great ideas xx

  19. Great list of gorgeous things - love all the pooch bits and pieces. Leigh

  20. music to calm the dog? now this is news to me. i must get some.


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