Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White (and Green) Christmas

I've noticed I have a real love for Green and White and now that the holidays are full upon us, what better chance to show you some of my finds! Plus, as I'm heading out of town yet again, I'm still not able to decorate our home and it's so disappointing!

First up, a bit of rustic decor. Despite the cool tones of silver and green, these rooms are warm all over.
I LOVE this family's home... and when I saw their portrait, it all made sense.
Weisen Family from Country Living

Another couple with three dogs! (they just need to foster one more and it'd fit our mold).

More "rustic" holiday decor (doesn't this make you want a country getaway for the holidays!?)

More love fromCountry Living- Scandanavian style

Don't forget about the entryway....
A little Martha via Willow Decor

Aha! Is that a white tree I spy!? I lived in Houston, Texas during my childhood and yearned for a white tree but my mom was vehemently opposed.

Even LL Bean is in on the action.
Winter White Holiday Fir Centerpiece

Love the white and green against the gray here in designer Mary McDonald's dining room...

via Veranda
And speaking of getaways... how about a little Coastal green and white?
Suspend wreaths from windows to welcome the season and your holiday guests.
Bring in more color by wrapping packages in coordinating paper and hanging wreaths with generous lengths of ribbon.
Attach a large sea star to the top of the wreath instead of a bow for a statement-making front door.
Very little green in the last two, but I LOVE these and had to include them!
Pair translucent and silver accessories with a sea-inspired fixture for glamour and elegance.
It’s a festive touch that especially shines against minimalist decor.

TONS more examples out there but I must run or I will miss my flight! Have a great day!!



  1. eeee. I squealed as I came upon the photo with the shell wreath and the starfish garland!! LOVE them!!

  2. Emmie.....dreamy images of Christmas. You just cheered up my mood. i am facing a professional horrific holiday season with very tough decisions to make, but am now so inspired to bring peace and holiday beauty in my house...Some of these images are so warm and soothing. once i am done with my own touches of christmas, will share them with you.
    have a good flight..Francine

  3. Dreamy and lovely! I wish for white Christmases every year and these images make me pine for them that much more. Best of luck upon your return home. I know you'll be able to work some holiday magic in your desired color scheme!

  4. All of the pictures are stunning. Such beautiful rooms and decorations. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  5. Love the shell wreath and starfish garland. Green and white Christmas so beautiful.

  6. I love a sage-y green and gold for the holidays. It's a lovely, homey take on the holidays, I think.

    Btw, where'd you grow up in Houston? We lived near Rice before moving to suburbia (Sugar Land).

  7. Beautiful images! I looooove that gray dining room from Veranda and the all white living room with the little green wreaths. Ahhhhhh, great eye candy!

  8. I just planted some paperwhites today in a pot. Maybe my house will start looking like one of these, JK!

    thanks for the vote on the new logo! I like the asymmetrical whippet as well!

  9. We must really think alike. I did the exact post today. I love (and only have) white flowers and white flowering plants in my yard in the summer. So, I guess it's natural that I go for the same colors in winter.

    I enjoyed your images.

  10. If you have time this weekend, you should come to the Pilgrimage. The Cortelyou-Pressley house is worth the price of admission for all the houses. You will never forget the marble bathroom! And Ivy Grove is the tearoom...it's antebellum and the owner died a few years ago (he was part owner of the Falcons) so not sure what shape it's in, but worth seeing the grounds at the very least. If you buy tickets online and pick them up at the Welcome Center, it's cheaper than buying that day. Hope you can come!

  11. These are all so beautiful! I hope you have a great trip!

  12. Beautiful elegant and fresh photos - I love the white and green combo, nice alternative to the traditional red and gold Christmand deco.
    These colors, I could live with until Easter - very soothing

  13. Gorgeous photos! Now, where did all those people put all their junky stuff for those photos?

  14. I love green and white all year round. The bare wood floors in all of these spaces are so inviting - I've always been taught rugs, rugs, rugs, but I'm liking the bare look!

  15. that last shot is so peaceful and pretty!

  16. Ooooo! Non-typical of me, but I just love the rustic room! The way the stocking are hung, the tree, everything looks so cozy and inviting :(


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