Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Look at my "Sea" room... and All Modern giveaway preview

Back when I was actually blogging ;-), I wrote my list of recommended items for hosting guests. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of my hostess preparations. I'm out of town AGAIN and have "Auntie DiDi" staying with our dogs. While our friend is doing a "service" for us, I certainly want her to feel welcome in our home so I employ the same strategies for her as when planning for guests (although I forgot the fresh flowers, so it's not quite perfect). Also, I dangled the carrot of a giveaway last week but did not give any details- I'm thrilled to offer a choice of several great items from All Modern- great pieces that can be used in the kitchen or in creating a perfect guest room space.

Without further adieu, here is one of our guest rooms, which I affectionately nicknamed the "Sea" room, aka the "C" room, or the first letter of our last name.

Here's an overview of the room.

WOW that ceiling fan light looks bright.

OK, there are some flowers- my faux orchids here (they're not too bad are they?) along with the bottle of water. I'm using a bottle of water as I haven't decided on the bedside carafes I'd like for the guest bedroom. Dresser is an antique, from one of my grandparent's guest rooms, that I'm considering painting white (again, much to Mr. Southern's dismay). Parasols, in the silver vase, are from our wedding.

Slightly different angle, but you see the bedding.

And a close-up of one of the pillows I won on Completely Coastal's Giveaway from OBX Trading Group! I LOVE these and they are so perfect for this room.

Here is the other pillow from OBX Trading Group/Completely Coastal, resting on the chair in the corner of the room. Seriously, weren't these pillows MADE for this room?!

A look at the bedside table- an end table I bought and now repurposed. Shell lamp from my grandmother, magazines, a book, candle, and mini framed photo.

The bed again. I need to frame the artwork I bought from Jean and put above the bed to add some visual height.

I welcome any suggestions on the room- especially the painting of the dresser! My inspiration is from Traditional Home's First Nest article featuring designer Suzanne Grua McGrath and daughter Laren McGrath.

Hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. How fun! Yes, I think maybe the dresser would look really nice painted.

  2. Definitely paint the dresser - white-washed or even a vibrant sea-color inspired hue. Love the fish pillow!

  3. cute room...i would totally stay here!

    i have a few ideas, since you asked :)

    -white beadboard (wainscoting) on the walls & crown molding (will increase value of home, too)
    -seagrass rug (economical) and/or a couple of small shaggy rugs on either side of bed
    -painting the dresser will decrease its value, but i guess you know that! if you're doing it anyways, anthropologie has really cute hardware!
    -a fancy mirror over the dresser

    here's a cool 'non-headboard' idea with swagging fabric

    hope it helps :)

  4. I think it looks really nice so far. I love the pillows, and the bed looks really pretty. I think painting the dresser would look great. Also, have you thought of painting the chair black? The chair in the inspiration room is like perfect black eyeliner, and the printed curtains are cool. Since your drapes are white, have you thought about stamping them with large stamps to diy your own?

    Great job! Even without any changes it looks very inviting! When can I stay over? :)

  5. Aww don't paint the antique dresser. I'd love a white dresser for sure. But it's nice to have a good wood piece in every room. I think it's the best wood in your room. I'd consider painting the wood chair and night table; then your dresser would the woody star. We painted our chair (like yours) an impossibly bright, shiny red. We use it 3 different rooms. In the dining room when we have extra guests.

  6. adorable bedroom - and yes, you could add more white. the dresser would look great in vintage white. just found your blog ;) will come back for more - come visit me too!

  7. You have a great start. With a few little items here and there, you'll have it. The dresser - I'd probably paint it. I love white or black, then other bright colors might be a good choice. When I'm trying to decide, I drag out my old magazines or go to the book store and use there magazines for inspiration ideas.

    I'm a tray person, so I'd try to find a small, fun, colorful tray for the water and vase, along with a book or other items a guest might need.

  8. paint the chest and on the chair put a cute slipped seat that with a double ruffle skirt. too cute!

  9. I'm with all the others (& pros at that), paint the dresser. I'm hooked on drapes with a print just as in Laren's apt. hanging the rod as close to the ceiling as you can go. I think your room looks so cozy and a great place to feel like a guest. Great job Emmie. Have a fun weekend ahead x

  10. Looks like a comfy spot for visitors. Love Joni's idea for a ruffled slip for the chair.

  11. Great guest room! I think the dresser would look great painted.

  12. I think painting the side chair (or slipcovering it as Joni suggests) would be great! I'd go with a fun print (maybe C-inspired?!) in cool water tones.


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