Thursday, March 25, 2010

Upping the Girly Factor~pretty pink

Phoebe Howard

It's been a little chaotic in our house the past few days. Mr. Southern is working working working. I'm recovering/catching up from all my traveling (with another sinus infection). And our dear foster dog and youngest resident dog are on the outs with each right now. Life, of course, is still very good but all the bits of stress make me want a little pretty. The fastest way to pretty, to my mind, is Pink! Not sick-to-your-stomach Pepto Bismal pink. Pale, lovely, dreamy pink.

The reality is that I'll probably never to a pink room (unless one day we have a little girl) so here are some take-me-away pretty pinks.
Pink can be "grounded" with a healthy dose of brown or black, like this living room. While the walls (and it appears, ceilings) are done in pink, the dark brown of the chairs, sofa and light brown of the carpet serve to balance the girly factor.

House Beautiful via Lolina

Suzanne Kasler seems to use a lot of pink, ranging from bright bright to more muted tones. Here, we see more chocolate browns, with the sofa and trimming on the draperies, and a pale- almost beige- pink. I adore this room and would love to see it from another angle!

Another Kasler- I couldn't do just one! In this room, a taupe offsets the pop of pink accents. The sconces and side tables really give the space some glam.

Similarly, the taupe/greenish wall color perfectly sets the stage for very sophisticated twin beds.

This space really ups the glam factor with these fabulous drapes, Louis XV armchairs and frou-frou throw rug.

Love the bedcrown over this bed, in a deeper shade of pink than the wall, and the crystal chandelier. And is that houndstooth I spy!?

Phillip Gorrivan via Villa Anna

Here are more unabashedly girly and glam, but still quite "liveable." Pale, pale pink, lots of white wood (furniture and floors), and fabulous natural light. And would you not LOVE to have that fireplace and tub in your bath?!

both images Elle Decor via Moodboard

Brightened up with white accessories and pop of green.

House to Home

Can't forget Martha, who seems to feature lots of pink, either in others' rooms...

Martha Stewart Living via Contented Me

or her own home (or guest home).

Farrow and Ball's Middleton Pink, via Patricia Gray

More Martha, via Southern Chateau

Perhaps just a touch of pink? This room has several pink pieces (sofa, lampshades, and perhaps the duvet?) but is still decidedly pretty.

House Beautiful via CTC Design

A great source for a pink lampshade-- I adore the green ribbon.

Belle Cottage

And, with Spring here, cannot forget the option of pink flowers (faux or real).

Diane James Pink Peonies, Gracious Home

Hope y'all have a lovely day!



  1. I so admire people who use pink in their homes. I have a pink tiled bathroom, but cant seem to expand that color anywhere else. Yet... :)

  2. These were all so lovely and so inspiring, makes me want to go get some pale pink accessories.

  3. The first room is lovely, and I LOVE that coffee table- I need one like that!

  4. Such pink loving right there. I so would love to have one pink room as I have previously never liked pink. The way designer use it today is so gorgeous & not over-bearing. Love each & every one. I'm hoping you feel better very soon & beat that sinus infection.

    All my best to you x

  5. Sometimes I think I would love a little pale pink room all to myself...especially after seeing these gorgeous images!

  6. Love these. You know think that pale whisper pink wall color could read almost as a (warm) neutral depending on the furniture and other color choices. You'd just have to keep the rest of it fairly gender neutral/streamlined.

    And I'm so glad you sprung for the prints -- You've got to take pictures once they're hung!

  7. I've always wanted a light pink ceiling so I love this post. And what a fun new blog I've discovered. Cheers!

  8. they are so lovely ~ I'm just not sure if I could talk my husband into a pink bedroom. I will have to settle for my art room that is decorated in pinks.


  9. Thanks for pink fix! Like you, I'll probably never have an all-pink room, but I love pink and especially liked the room with the twin beds and the Farrow & Ball room. Maybe I could paint one wall of my office pink . . .
    Have a great, calm weekend!

  10. I love the Martha Stewart bathroom -- so sweet!

  11. Great designs, I love the bay windows and all the pale pinks walls!

  12. lovely... those lavender cushions in the chairs are so wonderful... great post... xx

  13. what a beautiful collection of pink!

  14. My oh my! I opened your page tonight, which followed with an immediate "sigh" - love love love this post! Such pretty, pink spaces. I just adore the Kasler one, as well as Martha's bathroom. So many great ways to use pink - thanks for showing such lovely inspiration...

    Hope you've had a chance to relax, even just a bit, this weekend.



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