Monday, March 8, 2010

My First Giveaway- AllModern Home Unique Options for the Guest Bedroom

I'm thrilled to offer to you my first giveaway, courtesy of AllModern Home, part of CSN stores, who sells everything from barstools and bar accessories to modern bedding and bunk beds. Carrying on with my home decor theme, I thought it'd be fun to showcase several items designed originally for the kitchen, but equally (in my humble opinion) at home in the guest room.

One lovely guest suggested a tray for my collection of things. I've become a big fan of trays of late but never have found the right one. Here are a few options that I think would work well!

Alessi Ufficio Tecnico Alessi 11.81" Mercurio Round Tray

Another option (which also happens to microwave and oven safe!).

Working Class Studio Un Petit Tour de Lacoste Ceramic Platter, illustration by SCAD professor Allan Drummond

Perhaps a bowl to corrall some mints, candy, other bits and pieces? Love the green and white in this one.

Rosenthal Suomi Rangoon 22 oz. Multi-Functional Bowl (note: one bowl)

Or maybe this little number with some fresh fruit (or flowers) by the bed.

Blomus Ondea Round Bowl

And of course, we can't forget a carafe. All Modern has several great ones, but these stuck out to me.

Artecnica tranSglass® Lidded Carafe

Which item could you use in your guest bedroom (or master bed, or kitchen...). Please leave a comment and let me know which items you'd love to have. Deadline for entry is Thursday at 9:00AM Eastern Standard Time and I will announce the winner on Friday! Rules for entry: you must be a follower; if you do not have a blog with contact info, please leave me your email address!

I hope y'alls week is off to a great start! Again, thank you so much for your patience during my crazy travel schedule, failure to comment on your great blogs, and lack of consistent posting. I've left Florida and headed farther South to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I just switched hotels - after first one kept losing power. (PS, if anyone knows the brand manager for the Waldorf Astoria properties, I'd love to chat with them!).



  1. Love that Blomus bowl, it would look perfect in my kitchen with some fruit in it.

  2. Love the Blomus bowl. Beautiful. Safe travels.

  3. I would love this one:

    Un Petit Tour de Lacoste Ceramic Platter

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  4. I'm a huge fan of the carafe. Can never have enough water, and I would totally put this in my office by my laptop to keep me hydrated and happy!

  5. I'd love a new carafe for my office!

    Enjoy San Juan. We spent 4 days there a couple of years ago (Ritz) and a friend of mine is currently there (Ritz)! Look for a Kyra Sedgwick type!

  6. I like the carafe! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one of these great items.

  7. Ooo, please enter me in the drawing! I am a follower. I love the silver tray - so classic and lovely. The bowl is beautiful, too.

  8. I think the carafe is stunning! Maybe I'd have it in the bathroom next to the tub. I'd be taking a bath with my bath bomb that makes gold bubbles and reading some chic lit. ;)

  9. All lovely choices! I would choose the Blomus Bowl.

    Congratulations on your first giveaway! And thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

  10. Oh girl....I love a good giveaway.

    I think the "Un Petit Tour de Lacoste Ceramic Platte" is ADORABLE. And it's by a good 'ole Southern SCAD prof.


  11. I stumbled onto your blog and think it's darling. My favorite is the Artecnica tranSglass® Lidded Carafe. I love MODERN decor! :)

  12. I love that Ondea round bowl! Great giveaway and yes, I am a follower.

  13. Love that silver tray! Wonderful giveaway my dear! xx

  14. Great giveaway! I love that little white bowl with the green and white flowers!

  15. I follow. I love that multi-functional bowl!

  16. Amazing giveaways, I want to have my own designs.

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