Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To Market To Market

Mr. Southern and I went to Market over the weekend to meet with a potential vendor. Afterward, we tooled around AmericasMart, popping into shops that really, we really had no business in visiting. As I've mentioned, both Mr. Southern and I are in some way involved in retail and can gain access to AmericasMart. Which is sort of a blessing and a curse- while I love my job, I, probably like many others not in the design world, feel a twitch of envy when I see all the great products for which I could envision the perfect home. But alas, none fit into my "job role" (which is food, if you're wondering).

One of my favorite predominately wholesale companies I've realized, is Two's Company. This will sound like an advertisement for them but I am in no way compensated for my love. :-) The diversity of the products is what gets me.

Need to add some polish to the bath? May I suggest:
Carrington Set of 3 Covered Vanity Jars by Two's Company®Chatelet Perfume Tray by Two's Company®Timeless Crystals and Pearls Box by Two's Company®Charlotte Antiqued Victorian Hand Mirror Set by Two's Company®
Carrington set of vanity jars, Chatelet Perfume Tray, Timeless Crystals and Pearls Box, Charlotte Antiqued Victorian Hand Mirror (all available at and numerous other sources).

Entertaining? Here are some great "must-haves."
Va Bene Murano Glass Butter Knives Set by Two's Company®Be Seated™ Bud Vase/Place Card Holders - Set of 4 by Two's Company®Victoria Ribbon Cake Stand Set by Two's Company®Vases by Two's Company
Va Bene Murano Glass Butter Knives, Be Seated Bud Vase/Place Card Holders, Victoria Ribbon Cake Stand Set.

Dying for a seaside home and need some seashore accents to get you through?

Large Shell on Glass Stand by Two's Company®Blue Coral Sculpture on Glass Base by Two's Company®Triton Sea Shell Mosaic Wall Mirror by Two's Company®
Large shell on glass stand, Blue Coral Sculpture, Triton Sea Shell Mosaic

And let's not forget the furniture.
Cote d'Azur Rectangle White Bench by Two's Company®Golden Bamboo Butler Table by Two's Company®Golden Bamboo 5-Shelf Stackable Tower Packed by Two's Company®Haute Couture Dress and Jewelry Rack by Two's Company®
Cote d'Azur bench (I need for my bathroom vanity!), Golden Bamboo Butler Table, Golden Bamboo 5-shelf Stackable tower (would this work for housing my china, Claire?), and Haute Couture Dress and Jewelry Rack (OK, probably not furniture, but how cool is this!!??)

And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that they are the ones behind these fabulous prints.
Reflections Coral Wall Art Prints - Set of 6 by Two's Company®Marine Life Wall Art Print Set by Two's Company®Wildflowers Wall Art Set of 12 Prints by Two's Company®Aves Set of 6 Bird Wall Art Prints by Two's Company®

What I also learned though, is that Two's Company makes these fabulous enamel bracelets (just saw the nautical series at their showroom-- does anyone carry them? I'd love to get one for my MIL) and cute glass rings, which I actually picked up in Puerto Rico for myself and my "girls."

The company was founded more than 40 years ago by Bob and Bobbie Gottlieb. Bobbie and son Tom are the current "two," keeping Two's Company a family-owned venture. If you're in the New-York area, I believe they have sample sales open to the public near the Elmsford HQ. Has anyone been?



  1. I just read your comment, you are so right, we need to get together!!! Lunch sometime? Coffee? I would love a traveling buddy when I go to market.

  2. I also love Two's Company -- they've also got some great Chinoiserie touches. By the way, did you see OKL had a sale on Two's Company late last week?

    And I would kill to go to one of their sample sales! Yet another thing to add to my "Must Do Next Time I'm in NYC" list.

  3. Two company is just the best.High to low they always have something.

  4. Love the seashell motif items. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love all those accessories, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Wow, you picked out some great items! Now bring them to Norway!!

  7. I love those cake stands, I saw some just like that at Home Goods recently. I am off to look at more of their products....thanks!


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