Monday, August 3, 2009


Is it wrong to want a rainy day... and perhaps a mental health day?  

The skies are very overcast here today and after tossing and turning for much of the night (dreaming about planning our honeymoon, no less!) I could use a day of cocooning in one of these delightful beds.  

Hands down, one of my all-time favorites...Tom Scheerer

second two from Phoebe Howard

last two from Sarah Kaye Represents

Admittedly, a little cruel to post such inviting beds on a Monday morning... for a different kind of Monday morning cruelty, check out Fine Art Daily's painting of one of our Signature Wedding Cocktails, the Oceanrita!



  1. This was my dream bed as a little girl!

  2. You really can't beat a canopy for cocooning, can you?

  3. #1 is my favorite...and yes, this was VERY cruel! :)

  4. These are all beautiful - like a visual lullabye!

  5. I love the painting of the signature drink-it's almost as yummy as the drink itself!!


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