Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Honeydew Hues

Bowling Green, OH - This honeydew carved for Winterfest09, Bowling Greenvia Topix Bowling Green WinterFruit Carving

When is the last time you had a great honeydew? I love honeydew melons but most often they're terrible. I'm happy to report that in the US we are in prime honeydew season. Go to your grocer and look for one that has a yellow hue on the outside. If it is still a lovely shade of white, give it a few days. Smell the stem area for a faint, beautiful honeydew scent. It's ready!

In honor of the fabulous honeydew I recently sliced open, I gathered up an assortment of honeydew items. My intent was to find honeydew green- not avocado green, not granny smith apple green, nor lime, but honeydew. In my mind, I picture a cool almost sagey color (but with less blue). Green with hints of creamy white. Easier said than done. Here's the roundup!

A great combo here- honeydew green stripes paired with white and cream.

Pottery Barn Honeydew Stripe Bedding (on final clearance)

And again, paired with whites and cream. Isn't this so soothing?

Honeydew Bed via Belle Maison

A deeper honeydew (bordering on avocado, really) but I love the matted seashell images and large bundle of flowers.

Martha Stewart

Back to a brighter green! LOVE this bathroom. Just what a country farmhouse should have.

Ramsey Farmhouse

Here, the honeydew largely serves as an accent (chairs) but if you squint and if your computer monitor cooperates, you can see the palest hint of honeydew on the wall. Perfection.

Goffe apartment dining room Goffe apartment dining room
Amy Lau via Decorati.com

More pale green walls, grounded with dark wood. Are those green glass shutters above the bed? Love the accent color there.

Windward Pavilion bedroom, Qualia /supplied
Qualia Resort, Austrailia

How about a few honeydue-hued personal accessories? (OK, the name brand is Honeydew but isn't that green cute?)

Honeydew ruffly boyshorts, Brooklyn Fox

More honeydew and pink- epitome of preppy.

Vineyard Vines Honeydew sweater via Preppy Pink Princess

Bonus: honeydew-colored packaging and scent.

Bath Tea - Honeydew Spearmint
Honeydew Bath tea via Sprig

And home accents- adorable knobs. Perfect for any girl's room.

Honeydew Melon Polka Dot Knob
Honeydew Melon Butterfly Knob


Fantastic bedding on this website. Here, the green is paired with golden shades.

Honeydew Pillow, Nava's Designs

Honeydew Lantern

Green Round Rice Paper Lantern - L14HD
Luna Bazaar

And perfect in the outdoors. I ADORE this little house (more on this in a future post!)

GBC Group Hopton Houses

A tasty Honeydew Beverage, perhaps?

Honeydew Granita recipe Martha Stewart

Honeydew Margarita, Cosmo

We'll end with Honeydew paint/material samples.

Benjamin Moore 2033-70 Sweet Honeydew Me

Benjamin Moore Honeydew

Honeydew Paint

Sherwin Williams Honeydew

Krylon Honeydew (this is a ridiculous color sample, I realize, but it was the best representation I could find!) This would be fantastic in the yard for accents, I think.
Honeydew Glass Tile




  1. I LOVE green! Such a soothing and relaxing color! :)

  2. Those little ruffled boy shorts are toooooo cute!

    Just had a honeydew soup with creme fraiche....YUM!

    Beautiful and calming post.

  3. Ahh, what a cool and refreshing shade of green this is. Love it with the pink!

  4. Beautiful post. I especially love the little house and that gorgeous Martha Stewart room!

  5. What a fabulous colour - I just love the Martha Steward dining room! Tracey xx

  6. What a fun inspiration! I agree with your choices - I'm not really fond of the taste, but I can certainly live with that color on my walls/clothes/fabrics/whatever!

  7. I love a good honeydew! I love green too-
    I have about 7 gallons of a pretty green paint in my basement- bought as oops paint just waiting to be painted in one of my many rooms that needs redone (am thinking dining room)-


  8. Thanks for your appreciation for our hard work at the Ramsey Farmhouse! Here is a link to our main website...there are some great interiors on the ground-based photography gallery!




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