Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shutze's 320 West Paces Ferry Road: SOLD!

I was headed to Buckhead last evening on one of my favorite roads and noticed a significant change in status at the Southern Center for International Studies. The Philip Shutze property has been sold!

Apologies for the poor photo quality- I was driving and using my cell phone to take the photo. I'm fascinated as to who may have purchased the house....


  1. Wow- I used to live on Habersham in between W. Paces and W. Wesley. I would drive by that house all the time, and wonder what in the world the Southern Center for International Studies did.

  2. Someone very lucky is going to be living there!

  3. They better not tear it down! I love that house. So glad it has a new owner.

  4. I will organize a sit-in if they threaten to!


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