Friday, August 14, 2009

Guest Bedrooms Part II- The Queen

via Decorpad
I think the couple of comments from yesterday almost have me convinced to go for the two twin beds. Just need to see how I'd arrange the furniture (tallboy dresser and bureau) with the two beds. But just in case, here are some rooms that I think would make a perfect guest getaway. Perhaps inspiration for when we finish the terrace level.

With this, I've realized two things. One: I need to get a subscription to Cottage Living. Second: I love guest bedrooms that create a getaway look and feel. OK, onto the rooms!

The first room (above) appears to be in a basement so great inspiration for the terrace-level room. Great bright feel, fun pop of color, love the tray on the bed.

Next up, a room that hints at a tropical getaway. OK, the palms and appearance of a hut outside the door really help with this. But I love the combo of the dark wood on the bed and chair with the white fabrics (especially love those sheer panels!). The pink throw and blue pillows add color, without dictating a gender.
Ralph Lauren via Decorpad

The Met Home room also uses dark wood and light fabrics, but with the black and white photo, gray coverlet and table, achieves a more monochromatic appearance.
Met Home

This room features a lot of white. Love the iron bed and the appearance of sunlight coming in many directions (I think that's a skylight?) Wainscoting, the panels on the hutch, and fabric on the bed add texture.

Eric Roth

This room is very similar- angular ceiling, white trim, iron bed. The pale blueish walls though give a totally different feel.
Eric Roth Photography

Another beadboard ceiling! Lots of white but great tropical accents. Love the turquoise and hints of orange. And check out the bench at the end of the bed- almost like a bench version of the ghost chair!
headboard queen
House Beautiful via Home Designing

More overall color in this next one- but very subtle. Creamish pinky walls and gold accents on the bed and lamps. Wouldn't have thought I'd like gold lamps but they really work here.
headboard designs
House Beautiful via Home Designing

More pale blue walls- but with a touch of green- so serene! And I adore the draperies over the window. And of course, the helpful luggage rack.
Cottage Living

Rustic, French-Country but the burlap accents say current and fresh.
Country Living

Another bed with draped panels! The damask wallpaper plays up the black accents in the room. Love the soft pink and the vase is adorable.
Cottage Living

Despite the wood ceilings, this room has a very tailored look to it. I also have those linens on our bed right now, so I admit to being a bit partial to this room.
Cottage Living

Had to throw in a pink room. The shots of brown, I think, keep it from looking too bubble-gum.
Cottage Living

Dreamy is about all I can say for this one. Takes my breath away!
Cottage Living

Not a huge fan of the comforter in this room but I love the chandelier and I also love that one could fairly easily emulate this room for not much money and have a stylish getaway room (just with a different bedcover). Chair and table are a nice contrast- and I think one could pick up a wooden version inexpensively at a tag sale and with a little paint- here you go. Panel curtains are quite simple, but I think they work here.
Cottage Living

Another great chandelier. This just screams romantic retreat to me.

Cottage living

Cool grey-blue, great chartreuse flowers and I like the row of black and white photos above the bed. Plus, lots of great reading material!
Elle Decor

We'll end with a nice neutral palette of creams and browns. Similar to the black and white one above, with the brown and white checkered rug. Fabulous window and love how the chargers (?) accent it.
Designer Insights Revealed
Southern Accents

Have a lovely and relaxing weekend!



  1. Wow! I love them all. I want to be a guest...

  2. When I go on vacation, I like to sleep with my hubby, so I would vote queen bed! (Although I like the look of twin beds better!)

  3. Will you please email me your address again - the giveaway people mislaid it!!! so sorry!!! thank you.

  4. You've picked out such a great selection, with so many opportunities, it's just difficult to make a desicion (at least it is for me!! :) :))

    I really loved the bedroom with the "ghost bench", the color palette is just amazing! You also had some fantastic twin beds in the previous post, the Jeff Andrews room was just to die for!(As well as the domino room with the red headboards!)

  5. GREAT inspirations packed into this post! I'm getting ready to redo a bedroom myself, and I'm bookmarking this for reference. Lot of variety, but everything is clean and simple, which I am a tremendous believer of in bedrooms. Your sanctuary should never be cluttered, and it should also be easy to keep clean. After all, you spend HOURS there!

  6. Some stunning bedrooms here. I love their beautiful and style!! x

  7. Southern Aspirations-Always happy to make the acquaintance of other ATL design bloggers. You'll find yourself linked on the left hand side of my highglossblue home page ;-)
    Best Wishes-

  8. Beautiful collection of photos and it was good to visit some of those iconic headboard styles again!


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