Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting Friendly

Just in case you have one near you, I had to share... 

I have very fond memories of sharing Reese's Ice Cream Sundae's with my little sister at Friendly's... during the day... and in the middle of the school year.  

Yes, this is bad (and just one of the reasons I fear having children) and behavior I do not condone...  we'd change our mom's note authorizing a 1:00 departure from school for the orthodontist to an 11:00 departure. Then we'd grab lunch- and by lunch, I mean ice cream- brush, brush, brush, and then head to the orthodontist. Terrible, I know, but it was great sisterly bonding time!  That counts for something- right, Mom?

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  1. Hmm... suddenly realized I NEED some ice cream this afternoon! I'm off to support the dairy industry (it's economically justified).


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