Thursday, June 4, 2009

Touring Atlanta- a peek into some of the oldest neighborhoods

I have the dubious honor of putting together a market tour for my colleagues who will be coming into town next week for the IDDBA (International Dairy Deli Bakery Association annual show). While I love going to the show, prepping for out-of-town business visitors is always stressful. Will this store illustrate what I am trying to convey about the Atlanta market? Will traffic be bad? (Yes).  Will I somehow get lost, as I tend to do, in my own city?  

On the plus side, my trial run gives me a chance to explore further various Atlanta neighborhoods. I must join or start a Dinner Group- there are so many great places to go!  And I didn't even get into Decatur, Buckhead (really) or much of Midtown.  Nevertheless, here are some of my new fave areas--

Inman Park- reportedly Atlanta's first suburb.  LOVE the look of these homes.  Must peruse real estate listings for interior pics.

Cabbagetown- originally a mill village.  Now, a site of cute Southern bungalows (I made that "style" up) and lofts.  Very funky and I love it!  Tried to find a good picture online of Carroll Street- fun little restaurants on a very neighborhood-y looking street.

Collier Hills- site of an old Grist Mill (Collier Mill) and major/bloody battles during the Civil War.  This area is now a mix of almost suburban homes and busy shopping areas.  I guess technically part of Buckhead.  What I love is how you can be at a super-busy intersection and then 2 minutes later, in a quiet, tree-lined, bird-chirping street.

Slideshow image

Old Fourth Ward- Birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. and home of his Ebeneezer Baptist Church.  The 1980s brought an uprise in crime, however.  The area is trying to go through revitalization- and in some parts, I'd say it has been pretty successful.  New lofts, cute shops, and restored old homes.  Unfortunately, I think the housing market bust has thwarted some of the progress here.

What's your favorite spot?



  1. I love those beautiful old trees around those divine homes!

  2. oh lovely, it's nice to see atl in a more romantic, pretty light. i always feel to so out of sort when i'm down there (like things are hectic) that i don't take enough time to appreciate the beauty!

  3. Those photos are wonderful. I love a place with a rich past and heritage.

  4. Great selections! I'm sure you gave a great tour. There's too many great places to see in Atlanta to include them all.

  5. The Irwin Street Market is one the most colorful corners in Atlanta. I'm glad you got a shot of it. I drove by today hoping to take some pictures of it. I do love cruising these neighborhoods. There are many cool streets yet to discover. Josephene Street in L5P is like driving in another city.

  6. As a Tech student, I ate at that Fellini's many, many times. Still drag the kids through there when we are in the area.


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