Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Shift to Simplicity

Whew this has been a tough week already!  And two 1/2 more big days to go.  I need a little inspiration (motivation?) for some simplicity- easy, relaxed, elegant comfort, which I found with these lovelies in yesterday's email from Anthropologie.  

The shift dress is fabulous.  Most everyone can wear them, they are easy to put on, i.e., no matching tops to bottoms, and can be dressed up if needed!  

OK this one is my favorite, I think!

Not sure how I feel about the lace, but from a distance, I like this one!

Sunny, vibrant dress- it must make you smile during the day!

I can't decide on this one.. What are your thoughts?  Too fussy or OK?

The epitome of easy breezy.

OK, maybe this dress is not so simple, but it is fun and wouldn't require much accessorizing!


  1. Oh i miss dresses! Its so cold in Sydney tonight, im inside now but still wearing 4 layers as i have not unfrozen yet :)

    Do love Anthropologie - the clothes and the home decor!! x

  2. Wow! LOVE that Daisy shift!! Gorgeous!!

  3. i could live in shift dresses! these are all cute.

  4. Oh wow - I wish I could carry off these looks! Very cute.


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