Saturday, June 13, 2009

Introducing Chanel...

Meet Chanel, the newest temporary member of our household.  Really, I think she's more of a Sophie or Sophia, but... I didn't get to select her name.  Anyway, this little girl is a rescue from a Missouri puppy mill.  Her breeding days are over and we're trying to teach her how to develop her own Southern Aspirations.  Little Madison is in charge.  Tilghman, who has a few insecurity issues of his own, is not sure what to think about Miss Chanel.  Since she's not a tennis ball, Samantha has no interest.

Chanel and I had a very exciting little adventure yesterday. As I opened the gate slightly to put a dying potted plant out of the dogs' reach, she darted through the door.   In a state of panic, I chased her throughout our neighborhood.  I visited all sorts of backyards, a rock-bed ravine I never knew we had, encountered more Kudzu than I ever thought possible, and lots of thorny sticky bushes.  Of course, I was running in flip-flops.  Peachtree not looking so bad now.  To my dear neighbors, I profusely apologize if we trampled any of your bushes. 

The challenge is that she is still scared of people... and my chasing after her certainly did not help alleviate that fear.  After about 20 minutes of running up and down pine tree needle-laden hills, rocky terrain, and through lots of underbrush, we met up.  We were both pretty tired. Lesson of the day- never open the gate without establishing exactly where all dogs are.  

More pictures to come- she is pretty camera-shy right now- but is so cute!  Oh, almost forgot my plug.  Chanel, as well as lots of other Goldens, are available for adoption at Adopt A Golden Atlanta.

Here's to calmer weekend adventures for all of us,



  1. oh no, i have definitely had those runs before (wearing less than what is appropriate, if you know what i mean!) i didn't know you were a foster mom! that's so amazing. if my house weren't full, i'd take her in a heartbeat.

  2. You are very kind, what a beautiful post. Glad to see you are also a dog lover. Kellie x

  3. What a sweetie - I'm glad she has you to take care of her!

  4. awww, you guys are so sweet for doing this for Chanel!

  5. We always called Lucie's escapes "walkabouts". Unexpected socializing with the neighbors!

  6. She's wonderful and you are too for taking her in.

    I work with Virginia's golden retriever rescue group, part of the GRREAT organization. There's something about retrievers...once you get hooked, it's hard not to want a little herd of them around the house!


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