Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CB2 in the ATL?

In celebration of Crate and Barrel considering Atlanta as the next spot for a CB2, I had to post some finds from their website.  While I don't quite fit the profile of their target customer, I love the idea of incorporating some of their modern pieces into my oh-so traditional home.  If only CB2 had existed when I was single living in a downtown Minneapolis loft!  DWR, while fantastic, was a little out of my reach.  Below are my picks that I think one could incorporate into a more traditional home setting (with the right interior design talent-- and there is so much out there!)

First up, their resort furniture ($249-$1396) and Umbrella on a stand ($399).  Very reminiscent to me of those South Beach hotels I'd love to "incorporate" into my backyard space.   

Next, the Formosa tray table (shown in yellow and white) for $49.95 and Pisces side table, on sale for $59.95.   Wildly bright colors, which I think could add a fun pop to nearly any room.

For lighting needs, Recycled Lanterns on sale for $19.95.  Great outdoor options- and such a great price!

Morrocco Dinnerware, $3.95 - $10.95.  You must love the orange!

Fun glassware, $2.50-$12.95, add a bit of whimsy with the candle holder on even an antique table.

Teardrop Hanging Vases, $4.95, and Whirly Candle Holder, $4.95- I love the collection of these and I think you could do so many things with them!

Wall candleholders, $39.95. I've been considering these for either my home office or one of the guest rooms.  Great way to add lots of little candlelight- but look organized too.

And, last but not least, nesting acrylic tables, $199.  Not sure if one could incorporate these in a traditional home setting?  But I really like the fact that they serve as multiple holding surfaces while taking up little visual space.  



  1. Very cool! Atlanta would be a great location for the next CB2.

  2. CB2 must must MUST come to Atlanta! I'm willing to organize protests if this fails to happen :) Those clear nesting tables are marvelous, and that price is fantastic. I've even seen similar sets at Target, for more money.

  3. I adore those gorgeous tables.... The colour is amazing!

  4. Too bad Domino magazine has folded - you could have been a great columnist for them! Love the hanging vases.

  5. I love their lucite stuff- I just wish the coffee table was a little higher and I would buy it in a second!


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