Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coastal Chic- my jaunt to Stuart, Florida

Welcome to Stuart!

I took a bit of a break from work Friday and popped up to Gumbo Limbo Gifts in downtown Stuart, Florida. Perhaps I can call it an extended lunch? I had been wanting to visit since seeing the shop and art by Lori Lynn on HGTV's 2009 Green Home (mermaid art, below).

Lori Lynn creates "whimsical art" inspired by sea themes (mermaids, fish, etc) and uses "found" materials.

I then discovered Jean Sanders after I started blogging- and her work is also featured at Gumbo Limbo. Thus, it was settled- I must go.

I have not (yet) been to Key West, but this little section of Stuart seems reminiscent of what I expect Key West to be like. Pictured above is the side street leading up to the shops. I LOVE the color of blue used on the posts! And a cute spot for rent.

Entrance to Gumbo Limbo- the shop owner does such a great job at creating vignettes- even at the front door.
Inside, rooms are painted different colors, creating distinct spaces. Shelves in the front room- cute trays, baskets, glassware, Jean's painting, and Lori Lynn's fish. Again, I love the merchandising here.

I believe this is to the right in the front room. I adore the mirror above. Also, the book, Caribbean Elegance, seems a perfect coffee table selection.

The corner of the hallway- again featuring work from both Jean and Lori Lynn as well as furniture, pillows, and other decorative accessories.

The back room with cute furnishings and Lori Lynn's art.

I love this fish piece. The combination of fabrics and using a salvage window- just brilliant.

And I need to buy the tini time sign... I was just worried it wouldn't fit in my suitcase!

Love the orange table and chair with the coral pillow against the blue wall.

And I can't forget this little guy.

In the end, I purchased another Jean Sanders painting, greeting cards, and a few other odds and ends. While you can't really shop online, the person working at the shop (and I forget her name! But so friendly!) said that I could call, reference a piece, and they will ship it to me. So either the fish or the tini time sign will be mine (or both).

Wished that I had made time to stop at the Key Lime Cafe, but this gives me a reason to go back. Honestly, one of the most relaxing, cute places I've been to in a while. Not at all like my typical "stomping grounds" in South Florida. This is a part of Florida that Mr. Southern would appreciate.


P.S. Mr. Southern is going to Delray Beach this week for work. I would love to send him up here!


  1. Hi Emmie, I found your lovely blog over at "The Peak of Chic". This place it too cute-it gives you your daily dose of color. I think you should get the tini time and the fishy sign.

  2. love all those fun colors -
    looks like a great spot to go to for some inspiration and a martini!

  3. I want to see these colors on buildings in Atlanta. That picture with the "for rent." orange, blue trim green band an keystones: I know you can't do that just anywhere. Your camera is getting the job done.

  4. I love that orange chair and pillow- great colors in all the pictures actually!

  5. I LOVE the colors in this post! I want to just move right in. Everything is so beautiful. That mermaid room - oh boy! What a treat!

    Love this blog. So glad I found you here!

  6. Thank you for all the nice comments! The colors are amazing aren't they!!??

  7. loving all the bright, fun colors in this post.

  8. You are too kind!
    Thanks for the many mentions. I am glad you like Gumbo Limbo. Patty, who was off in Welly-world with her daughter and her horse, has a wonderfully artful eye. Let me know if you come back to town!

  9. Just the right number of typefaces!

  10. I think I need to visit Florida just to see this shop!

  11. Ellie,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments on my store...I am so sorry to have missed you! Next time you plan to come to our little historic downtown Stuart...please call, and thanks so much again!

    Patty O'Connell

  12. And.....I meant Emmie...not Ellie!



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