Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Frank Lloyd Wright" of Atlanta- Robert Green

While researching modern homes in Atlanta for my "One of These Things is Not Like the Others" post, I stumbled upon works by the architect Robert Green. Atlanta has been blessed with many highly skilled architects and designers, but I was surprised to find we had homes designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

    1885 Walthall Drive
Robert Green studied architecture at Georgia Tech- a few different times. Don't get too excited, Yellow Jackets, he left twice because he found the program too "limiting." Apparently, one of the arguments was surrounding Frank Lloyd Wright.

Shortly after leaving Tech, Green asked Frank Lloyd Wright to allow him into his program. Wright took him on, after Green wrote a "tersely worded" letter. Green was one of Wright's last apprentices and eventually founded his own firm in Atlanta. (Sources: A Line Through History: The Architecture of Robert Green, AIA, Studying Personally with Frank Lloyd Wright, by Robert M. Green)

This house is my favorite of the selections I found. While it's not "my style" I definitely have a strong appreciation of the design elements and materials.

Here are a few others:

Doud-Conner residence (available for location shooting)



This next room and bath is a complete surprise (to me) and a dramatic shift from the darker rooms. Love the bath!





The next house is 1677 Ridgewood Drive, and I believe it recently sold.

I'm not sure where this house is located-- found from an old real estate link.

This last house, 950 Edgewater Drive, is on the market for $675k (down $450k!).

Know of any others??

For more photographs, see his son's collection of photographs.

Have a great day!



  1. Sometimes the more modern the achitechture, the more intimidated by a house I become. No idea why. Maybe it's the traditionalist in me? That said, I really enjoyed the houses from above-save all the wood paneling in the last home. I think it's how the homeowner injects personality and warmth into the space that keeps the bold lines of their home from being so overwhelming.

    A wonderful day to you as well, Emmie.

  2. Emmie you made my day. This kind of architecture get's my heart racing. I am dumbfounded by Green's work. The home that is on the market right now I would buy in a minute. Absolutely stunning, inside & out. I really..really want to visit Atlanta now. Thanks so much & cannot wait to check out his son's photographs.
    Great day to you x

  3. Ridgewood's been for sale forever, on a great lot. One of the few mostly hidden moderns around Emory.

    Makes me wonder if it's partly on a flood plain. Compared to the crazy moderns being built now, Mr. Green's seem conservative. Georgia doesn't have any FLW buildings. Mr. Green and others fill the gap.

  4. There's a FLW in Florence, AL (http://www.wrightinalabama.com/). Great design as well. Although his houses could be pretty tough to live in - glassed in South facing bedrooms, light switches located on the other side of built-in beds...

  5. How fascinating! The Walthall house is my favorite, but the one on Edgewater is so interesting with its curvilinear walls and oversized stone.

    Sounds like Mr. Green & Mr. Wright may have been kindred spirits-lucky us!

    Thanks Emmie!

  6. I had heard about these, but never got the chance to see them. I've done the FLW tour in Oak Park, but never the RG tour in Atlanta. Thanks for taking us along!

  7. There is a Frank Lloyd Wright home right down the road from us. Here is the link - http://www.wrightinalabama.com/

  8. Very informative post, Emmie. Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!!

  9. Oh my goodness! I love modern homes. I had no idea there was one on Ridgewood. I will have to drive by and check it out. I love all the modern homes in Ansely Park as well. Thank you for the post. It was so informative.

  10. I live in ATL ... but grew up in Iowa and for a short time my brother owned a FLW house in Mason City, Iowa. Of all places, there are several FLW homes there.

  11. Right up my alley! I love these! Beautiful!

  12. i love wrights exteriors, and ALL THE GLASS!!!
    but...the interiors, because they are dated and dark make me want to re-do in the interiors.
    *and that would be a crime.
    they should all be historical landmarks.

    xx hope your holiday was wonderful

  13. As an architect here in Atlanta, I did a renovation/addition to a Robert Green house in Tucker (see http://gregmix.com/frank lloyd wright kitchen.htm). Originaly the kitchen was semi-circular with no windows, as was the master bedroom. We took off the old kitchen and put back a rectangular one with two corner windows.
    I love your site. Would like to visit those homes someday.

  14. Thanks so much for featuring my father. I am Matthew Green. The collection of photos is not my website but someone that has posted them without my consent. I see that it's taken down now. If any of you guys have questions about Dad or his work feel free to email me. I also have his ORIGINAL drawings of these houses that I am willing to sell. www.monstercafesaltillo.com

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  17. wow!!really cozy house..i wanna live there.im amaze by that design and simple but elegant looking house..how i wish i had that one.


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