Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding Weekend: My 1-year Anniversary (continued)

Here are a few (OK, more than a few) photos from our Destination Wedding. I'll post "Trash the Dress" and Brunch pics over the weekend... We ended up flying our photographers down with us, which was a fantastic way to capture so many of the memories. Most of the pictures are of Mr. Southern and I- just in case our guests prefer their privacy. ;-)

Promise, more gardening, architecture discussion, etc. to come next week!

Rehearsal on the beach... note to self: Custom-made bride t-shirt may sound cute, but when getting photographed, a little dress would have been a MUCH better idea.

Rehearsal dinner- cocktail hour. This was up on a hill on St. Thomas with gorgeous sweeping views of the city...

A little artsy action...

Putting on my grandmother's sapphire earrings

Gocco'd table "numbers" with qualities of love.

Escort cards

One of my faves- Mr. Southern helping with my shoes after our second round of photos on the beach.

My beautiful sister reading her toast, including bible verses our grandparents taught us.

And my tearful response.

Thank you for indulging me with my fabulous memories!

Please note: all photographs by Photography by Shannon


  1. LOVE it!! Thank you for sharing so much of your special weekend! I wish I had loved my photographer as much...I love that you wore "fun" shoes, too!! Mine were wild and I loved them!

  2. Oh, congratulations, it all looks just so wonderful, great photos. Love the bright shoes!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  4. Love your photos! What beautiful memories and you looked gorgeous! Have a great weekend.

  5. Looks like you had a beautiful wedding! I love the idea of destination weddings! Very nice! Have a great weekend!

  6. What a beautiful wedding! You two look so happy and gorgeous in all the photos. I love that you let the bridesmaids wear whatever they wanted (and your sister's dress is GORGEOUS...exactly what I'd pick if I were allowed to choose my MOH dress).

  7. Swoon!!! Fantastic pictures! LOVE the color palette, and I saved some of the pics for my inspiration folder!

  8. The last photo steals the moment - so blissful! Love them all, and your orange shoes...divine!

  9. awww, it seems like just yesterday we were there with you! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary. Beautiful photos. I just discovered you--another SITS gal. I followed you and hope you'll come by and do the same.


  11. Happy anniversary and many beautiful returns.
    How sweet, your hubby helping with shoes...,lovely.

  12. beautiful!!! Happy Anniversary!

  13. Congratulations!! You looked so beautiful and the setting was spectacular!! Working on my Kreavtiv Blogger Award -will try to post this weekend!!

  14. You look so beautiful and just radiant - thanks for sharing these lovely photos and memories.
    Here's to many many more anniversaries!


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