Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hot for Houndstooth

While many may be mad for plaid this season, I'm hot for houndstooth. (Yes, I know that sounds incredibly cheesy).
But seriously, when I saw this month's Traditional Home cover, I realized how much I love this pattern. (And, I used my scanner for the first time ever for the cover. And it worked. YAY!)
Williams Sonoma Home (WSHome offers many Houndstooth products)

Houndstooth originated in Scotland, though at an undetermined time, and related (purportedly) to Glen Plaid. The pattern was originally fashioned out of woven wool cloth and in black and white. It is identified as a 2:2 twill, or two over and two under the warp, with one thread advancing each pass (courtesy of Wikipedia and other "research" sites).

Prescott Houndstooth Chair
Prescott Chair,

It's regained popularity in clothing through several spurts in the last century- the 1930s, 1960s to 1970s (Geoffrey Beene and Anne Klein), 1980s (Chanel, later Calvin Klein, among many others), and then in spurts throughout the 2000s.

I love the more subtle versions and the shake-up from the traditional black-and-white print, which still looks slightly 80s to me if too big and "loopy."

Pillows are an easy way to incorporate houndstooth...

Peacock Alley Houndstooth Bedding

And rugs are an option for making a statement. Flor's pattern is extremely subtle.

Flor, all bark and no bite
Here are a few more bolder options- first in black and white...
and here in a bright, cheery yellow.

both images via Sanctuary Home

Going back through images I've seen before, I was almost surprised that I didn't notice the houndstooth initially.

Like in designer Philip Gorrivan's work...

and this room, which has been featured all over blogs... did you see the houndstooth on the pillows here?
via Material Girls (At Home in Arkansas)

If you're not ready for big houndstooth commitment, may I suggest these fun little treats from some great etsy sellers!
Supercute hankie (coasters also available)
Houndstooth Hankie
Houndstooth Hankie, Avril Loreti

A graphic print...

Hooray for Houndstooth Art, Lucky Bluebird

or a tea towel!

Alabama Houndstooth Floursack, Blue Eye Creations

The last one you KNOW I love, given the elephant. While it seems like the dream world of Emmie (elephants + houndstooth) it actually is a reference to The Univeristy of Alabama. The story is that the Coach Bryant often wore a houndstooth hat (sometimes, apparently, it was plaid).



  1. I love that yellow and gray print. It would look great in my bathroom! Great post!

  2. I got this magazine also. It is always full of so many wonderful ideas. I love houndstooth too. I am really sick of plaid since I have had it for so long, but houndstooth seems as basic as toile to me. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Hugs, Marty

  3. The yellow is my FAVORITE. I'm also a real fan of houndstooth done - not big - but GIANT. There were striking examples in fashion this season, and they looked very sharp.

  4. I love all the houndstooth photographs that you posted. I have a black and white houndstooth coat that I love!
    I got my copy of Holiday Traditional Home. It seems terribly thin this month! I needed some more Christmas homes.

  5. I love that pink bedroom!!!! it's soooo gorgeous!

    thanks for the visit today. much appreciated.

  6. I'm a big fan of houndstooth too - love your choice of images. Leigh

  7. I adored the cover for December's Traditional Home! The taupe houndstooth reminded me of our wee one's twin duvets we've had made for him. Of course, we won't be able to use them until we move back to the US, still, it's something very exciting to look forward to.

    As always, what a lovely selection of images. We love houndstooth in its many colors and sizes. Have a lovely Monday.

  8. I'm with you!! I ADORE houndstooth, always have! I love the large scale in bright colors, but I'm a tad too trad to do that in my own home. I reupholstered our FR sofa last year in a pretty micro-htooth. And p.s.- I missed you last week!Glad you're back!

  9. I've always LOVED houndstooth! I have a semi-houndstooth jacket and I can never get enough of it. The throw on that bed is lovely! I think I may need to go check that one out. And the blue pillows...gorgeous!

  10. ahh, the orange and blue room is my favorite, I am in love!!

  11. I just ordered a new sofa for the basement and instead of getting the two pillows in the red same fabric as the sofa, I got houndstooth with red welting (the sofa is red for our "Husker Room") Of course, the first thing DOTR said was, "it's not an Alabama room, why did you get houndstooth?" Because I can, that's why.

  12. I love houndstooth -- especially in bright colors and/or on an oversized scale!

  13. Wonderful post and great images. Houndstooch is such a sophisticated and timeless pattern.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. Love that black bedroom...and the Philip Gorrivan bedroom is just gorgious. Houndstooth always remind me of my godmother and her Chanel suits which she wore all her life....I wore my first Chanel at 16!!...switched to jeans the moment I was out of my french boarding school...still kept a soft spot for houndstooth.


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