Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Under the Weather

Feeling a bit under the weather today, but I have a busy day ahead, so must kick this! Needed a little something to make me smile. Aren't these fantastic?

And for you design-obsessed, check out the wallpaper. Love how she picks the backdrop for each one. Enjoy Catherine's Animals!

Note: shown without permission just to introduce Catherine to you. I LOVE her work. To purchase and see more animals, please visit her website.


  1. I love these! The wonky leaning duck cracked me up and that snowy barn owl is beautiful!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments yesterday! You have no idea how much it means to me when someone I barely "know" offers such kindness.
    I hope you're feeling way "above the weather" soon! xo, Ms. Bright

  2. this is super weird and I totes love it.

  3. i too love her work, it always, always makes me smile. i hope you feel better and have the most productive day!

  4. Feel better!

    And these are so cute. I think the zebra against the yellow wallpaper is my favorite. Such a lovely graphic contrast.

  5. I could do an entire room collage of these! So unbelievably adorable!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Oh they are so funny, love someone with a sense of humour!

  7. Her work is wonderful - funny and beautiful. Leigh

  8. Very cute....hope you are feeling better soon! Ax


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