Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Humbled part Two (more Blog Awards!)

Next up, my Kreativ Blogger award... Francine Gardner- Art de Vivre was kind enough to nominate me with this Kreativ Blogger award (I almost can't write it!). I've been touched by Francine's talent, honesty, and beautiful posts and was honored to be included in her list.

And 7 more quick facts...

1. Mr. Southern and I joke that we hope our kids get his athletic genes, since I manage to trip o
ver most everything and really struggle with hand-eye coordination.
2. One of my greatest accomplishments in sports was running several half-marathons (most notably, the ones for Team in Training). One day, I will run the full 26.2 miles!
3. I love feather pillows, preferably with down. I can't stand foam pillows!

4. While I'll always "mother" my little sister (aka bulldoze, see previous post), I am more proud of her than almost anyone else.
5. I don't turn orange from the Mystic tan (I think at least) and honestly would prefer to be tan every day rather than pale. :-)
6. My 2 cups of coffee in the morning are like heaven. I like to stretch out the enjoyment as long as possible! However, I'm picky about the perfect balance of cream (flavored, please) and coffee. I know, it's almost a sin to drink it that way.
Product Image Decadence Latte Mug Set of 2
Decadence mug from Target

7. My secret (or not so secret!) dream is still to run a Bed and Breakfast- host weddings, fabulo
us parties, or just generally entertain out-of-towners.



  1. Congrats on all your awards - SOOOO deserved!

    #7 is my ultimate dream!

  2. I can't do foam pillows. I just can't.

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination!! I have never recieved one before!!

  4. You share a dream with my husband...he would love to have a bed and breakfast in the South of France....I will admit I am very tempted as well...maybe one day

  5. Congrats again, Emmie!

    Dave and I too joke about our kids inheriting his athleticism (I'm about the slowest person on record and similarly trip over everything). Fingers crossed!

  6. I am also in Atlanta and can so relate to your musings and observations. Based on item #7 above, is there a B&B you would recommend that is within a 2-3 hour driving distance from Atlanta? The hubs and I could use a few nights away from the city. Oh - and if you know of any that feature a fireplace in the guest room - that would be divine. Please email me: Tessa - trieger@emory.edu

  7. Happy anniversary! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.

    One of the worst guest experiences ever is going to a house that has foam pillows. The ultimate guest luxury: have a selection of pillows in the closet that suits all needs, from the foam lovers to the down lovers, and all levels of firmness...

  8. Emmie, thanks so much for the blog award! You are such a sweetie. I just posted today about it and passed it on. Thanks for reading!

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