Friday, January 8, 2010

Alabama versus Texas: Which Home Would You Choose?

I'm having couple time on the couch with Mr. Southern this week as we watch the bowl games and it occurred to me we could have our own house competition. I searched through the listings and found a couple of good examples...

Let's head to Alabama first. I have to admit, and I'm so sorry Trussville, but my expectations were low. I've been through Trussville for work, but clearly not the right parts. There are some great looking homes- several with waterfront views! As we so often see with real estate listings, the photographers are no Blayne Beachum so I'm not sure we get the full impact.

First up, this house is about a block from the beach, and on the market for $900k (if I remember correctly). These are the worst picture qualities- it gets better!

Love the exterior and while I don't want to be anti-tree hugger, wish those couple of trees in the front were not blocking the view.
Creamy yellows used throughout- nice contrast with the white trim and darker wood.

There seem to be lots of nice architectural finishes but with the photos it's hard for me to tell if they're just put on a bunch of big rooms or if the house truly has lots of character. I hope it's the latter.
The bedrooms look a little cluttered to me, but nice large spaces, so lots of potential.

This one is closer to the river... a little more European than "Italianate" of the previous one.

Again new construction, but with the crown molding, archways, large windows, I really like it.

This layout appears to be similar to our house, so I admit I'm a bit partial to it!

Now, let's take on Texas.

For Austin, while there's lots of tradition, I was thinking of the phrase "Keep Austin Weird" and thought this house had so much potential. It's not really my style, but could be Met Home worthy. Unfortunately, the block walls in some of the rooms just left me feeling... institutional rather than funky.

Do you get these last two rooms?

But look at the view out the back!
This next one I can't figure out if I think it's too over the top or just luxe. Again, we return to small pictures so it's hard to see all the details.

I can almost say, who cares what the inside looks like with a pool area like that!

And last my not least, my favorite (of course, it's a cool $11 mil). This is really more of a compound than a house and some rooms may have you question if you're in a hotel or a home. I'd like to warm up a few of the spaces a little more but it's got that super chic white/black thing going on. And a chocolate brown bedroom! And the views!

So the Longhorns might have gotten spanked last night, but I have to give the house award to Texas. What do you think?



  1. I'm loving the first home! And I would totally loose those trees in the front yard as well!

    I friend volunteered to come over on Tuesday to make sure I actually taped the credenza.. LOL!! :D (so it's finally getting done, yay!!!)

  2. The great thing about all these is that you'd want to make changes if you moved in - some wonderful things to keep and some to make your own - that's what fun, right? The outdoor spaces on the last house are fabulous, but you're right that much of the interior has a hotel feel - especially the bar!

  3. Cool Post! Thank you for the shout out :) I agree, the pictures of the first two houses were pretty bad. Did you see that flash reflection in the dining room picture? Eeks:) I loved the third house.... I love modern homes. I am not sure about the cement walls, but other than that it was very cool. Last home was obviously the best!

  4. HGTV's episode of "House Hunters" last night featured houses in Austin on Lake Travis. Gorgeous area. Although, I think I'd rather be in Alabama - a little closer to home. :)

  5. If you get the last one, I'm moving in! XXOO

  6. Hehe, love the title of your post! Generally, I'd be for TX all the way but I'm not a huge fan of any of these ATX houses (though that last one has some AMAZING lighting).

  7. holy cow, these are all beautiful but that uber modern home in tx is my favorite.

  8. That is a tough one. Alabama is more like my beloved Georgia in terms of topography and weather, but Texas has more progressive architecture (and better food)!

  9. Tough decision! I'm with you on that pool! It's amazing!

  10. Maybe we could just take the 'best' parts of all, move them to the midwest, and make me really happy. Thanks for a wonderful tour of homes.

  11. I'll take the compound the end, haha.

  12. I'll take neither! I'm thinking that a tent in Austin would be great.

  13. Thanks for the tour. I must say some of those views are what impressed me most, although I love the dark hardwood floors in the last...
    Have a great weekend.. Julie

  14. I live in Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers who recently lost their chance to play in the BCS bowl game to Texas. So...even though I wholeheartedly agree that Texas wins the house tour, I could never put it in writing. Saying anything kind about Texas right now is bordering on the illegal for those of us living in Big Red country.

  15. Like the Texas house architecture, in such a house the possibilities for fabulous interiors are pretty good. The last house... breathless!!!


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