Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go West Young Woman (my work vacation in Arizona)

Greetings! I've missed you all but due to some laptop issues it has been very challenging to post and read blogs.

I am thawing out in Phoenix, Arizona for a work teambuilding event. It's not quite the heatwave I'd hoped for but I absolutely cannot complain. I'm using the downtime to catch up on some reading and am currently tearing through Loving Frank, about a novel about the affair between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Cheney. Admittedly, struggling with it a bit as I just quite get all of Mamah's decisions.

It could be reading about Frank Lloyd Wright that is influencing my perspective, but I think the Southwestern/Western design and architecture incorporates the land/nature a bit more than traditional East Coast design. Regardless, it is VERY different that what I'm accustomed to seeing and the change is fun.

Here are a few images I dug up that caught my eye... I like a touch of the "stereotypical" Southwest or Spanish but not overdone.

Here are a few houses from David Michael Miller Associates... note the common themes of carved wood, wrought iron, and stone.

In this room, I'd prefer a different fabric on the chair and a different rug, but that's easy to swap. :-)

This outdoor space is divine!! LOVE the archways and the columns mimic the interior ones shown in the photo above. The lush green is intriguing though too....

Gorgeous bath! Total Mediterranean and looks like it could be in Morocco. Something I could never pull off in my Atlanta home, but it totally works here.

This substantial chandelier seems to be a different take on the French style. Definitely more "robust" but with a European flair.

More archways with the front door... Great little vignette on the entryway stairs.

This next home is definitely on the rustic side but for me, has enough European influence (French? Italian? English?) to make it the perfect lodge getaway.

Lots of wood- like the thick beam on the fireplace. Not a fan of the rust upholstery but again, we could fix that!

Fabulous dining area! I could see hosting a great wine-pairing dinner here. All the candles surely give great light.

A smaller breakfast nook area- more wrought iron details and lovely aged wood rafters.

And finally, the kitchen. A definite departure from all the white kitchens I tend to gravitate towards but works so well in this home. I'd like to see more of the vent over the stove top- is it copper?

Modern architecture and design work equally well here. I found these at Own By Design. Reminds me a bit of the last house I showed in my AL V TX post.

LOVE the exterior of this house and the pool... but not a fan of the inside.

I think I'd prefer something more like this... but a little more personalized.

OK, have to run off to another team meeting. It's an interesting experience- my colleagues are predominately men and there's a lot of one-upmanship and our evenings are dominated by Texas Hold 'Em. In Phoebe's words (a Friend's bit), "very testosteroni."
Take care!


  1. It's geography shock for an Atlantan. We visited my brother in Tucson a few times long ago. I remember low slung houses that somehow blended in. Lawns of gravel and desert shrubs. My brother would drive us through "hidden" subdivisions. We'd make a turn by some scrubby desert vegetation and find amazing houses. Hidden courtyards and shady loggias seemed a necessity. Have a big time out there. I am way over team building exercises I'm afraid.

  2. ohhhh thanks for the eye candy girl! Those are all so pretty!! Go read my post and let me know if you would like to play idea is right up your ally. Hope your having a great week! XOXO

  3. Beautiful images. While I tend to be very traditional (Southern gal) in my taste in architecture, there is something very appealing about Southwestern style.

  4. What incredible photos. I love the arches, stone and wood. But I do need some softness in there too.

  5. I love them all. Especially, that not one had a ceramic lizard on the wall!!!

    Did you notice the little round light bulbs in several of the chandeliers? They don't look like my bulbs...sort of cute! (It might be the glare or photo that's messing with my eyes!)


  6. Such fun to see all those wonderful spaces. The great room's (4th photo from bottom)light fixtures are incredible. It's my dream to own a home that virtually opens up completely to the outside with pool. Very Palm Spring'ish..
    Thanks for the fun Emmie & hang in there with all those bronco's. xx

  7. Looks interesting. I like the pool in the courtyard.

  8. I'm so glad you like the pillows from the Giveaway! Will we see them in your home, posted here!? Let me know if you do show them!

    Have a great weekend.

  9. These photos are beautiful!

    Enjoy your time in AZ!

  10. Beautiful! You've left me lookng arond my own place drumming up a few ideas. Thanks for posting!

    -Cara @ Live the Home Life


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