Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Georgia On My Mind

While I applauded Southern Living's blatant disregard of the New Year "eat healthy" on their January cover (see 35 Comfort Foods), I was admittedly disappointed in the Best of the South Rewards.
OK, I guess I can see the number one attraction with Georgia's Aquarium- a "pet project" of Bernie Marcus (co-founder of The Home Depot). While I'm not sure how I feel about aquariums and zoos (rescuing animals is one thing... holding them in captivity.... ), I will say that the aquarium is a pretty impressive site. After all, is it the world's largest aquarium.

From there, the list covers many of the usual suspects: Stone Mountain Park, The Coca-Cola Museum (yes, they are great marketers and the building is a tribute to their marketing, but really??), Underground Atlanta, and an Atlanta Braves baseball game. Given the list was for Georgia and not Atlanta, I had wished a few others made the list, like something in Savannah,

via I love Inns
via Vanishing South Georgia (a great blog!)

Jekyll Island,
Jekyll Island Club via Gateway to the Golden Isles

or even Helen...

...but maybe they are not considered attractions? Now I know that there are myriad other great attractions in Georgia than the ones I've listed, but those were first to mind.

In any event, I'd like to start highlighting some of the little "finds" I've discovered in Georgia and include independent shops, restaurants, and other businesses along the way.

Additionally, I have several girlfriends coming into town this weekend and so am thinking about all the options of things to do right here in Atlanta. I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have!

Here's to discovering your own special attraction!



  1. We're always at a loss for entertaining out of towners. I think of Atlanta as a great place to live, not so interesting to visit. But our guests always have things they want to do in Atlanta so we follow their lead.

    We sure enjoyed the Carlos this Christmas, as much for its ease as for its content.

  2. As a former Savannahian, I am always relieved when those lists omit Savannah. It's the best city in the world, and I want it to stay relatively undiscovered and unspoiled! ;)

  3. Oh! I've had "Georgia on my Mind" in my head the past 2 days! Funny. I was so pleased to see Jekyll and SSI on your list and agree 500%!

    And I've tagged you, I hope you're up to it!


  4. If I ever head your direction, I will definitely look to you for tips. That magazine article looked blah.

  5. I love SL but I don't pay a bit of attention to those lists. I think they are reader voted, aren't they? Around here, they always include Dollywood. Which is a fine amusement park but it doesn't quite compare to the Smoky's!

  6. The only time I have been to underground lately was when I had to serve jury duty. Yuck. I like taking guests to the Sun Dial for drinks or dessert. The rotating building top is a fun way to get an overview. You know I have to take them shopping, too! Staceage is just fun, I love some antiques stores and I love the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Oh and I had a blast at that mini animal farm. They would LOVE that, even my skeptical boyfriend gave it a thumbs up. It was just wild-good memory opportunity!!

  7. I can't believe that the Aquarium got the number one position. Last (and only) time I was there it was mobbed, full of babies in strollers with no room to move through and all of the trash cans were full of dirty diapers. We left in a hurry. Your selections are much better than any that SL listed. Head up to the Rome/Cartersville area sometime and check out the shops and restaurants (as well as the museums). Nice scenery and nice people just 1 hr from Atlanta.

  8. I agree with Terry, ATL great place to live, crappy place to visit. I think Marietta is a lot more interesting than Atlanta, but then again I am bit prejudiced. And I love Jekyll and SSI, too.

  9. All the attractions in SL disappoint me... they are always the same in every issue!

  10. Architecture and beauty is all I need to be entertained; well, maybe a good shopping spot or three. I would love if you wrote about all your favorite little haunts. More than ever I want to visit Georgia. So sad that we are now this close & have never been. Your lovely post has spurred on a continuous interest to do just that. Thank you!! Bye the way, enjoy your girlfriends stay. Nothing is as fun as a lot of good laughs & a few tears with the girls xx

  11. What a wonderful post. Your photos are beautiful and so timely for me. My dear friend just spent a week in Savannah and her words to me, over and over, were "Oh Ann, you would just DIE here over the architecture, you would just DIE!"Someday I hope to get there!

    Thanks for your visit to hill country house and I can't wait to have time to visit all the blogs you referenced in your photos. Great post!


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