Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black, White, and a Little Bit of Gray

I was pulling together torn-out magazine spreads of a bunch of rooms I like for the first meeting with an interior designer (the big reveal will come soon!) and was struck that while I think I'm a "color" person, nearly every single room had a neutral palette.

One of the designers I think of first for this is Barbara Barry. And since I don't hear/read about her much in the Blogosphere, thought I'd share a few of my favorite images. I think Barbara Barry does a great job mixing light and dark colors with pops of fresh flowers and lots of texture.

A very "Barry" example in this Hollywood Hills Home dining room. Love the white against the dark room with the silver and green accents.

Similarly, the breakfast room uses lots of white and creams with green topiary for contrast. And gorgeous view out into the back (I'm assuming) yard. Love the shape of the room.

A little oatmeal in the living room for contrast.

A bluish white on the walls and white furnishings and bedding makes this room a perfect getaway. And I love the doors!

More creamy whites, dark wood accents, and a touch of black in this Piedmont room.

Same house, different "living room" where we return to more blue/gray and white tones.
The bedroom features an almost purple color as contrast to the dreamy whites and creams.

Barbara Barry "Western style" with a bit of glam in Palm Desert. Love the black and white chairs.
A great neutral palette in the St. Francis in San Francisco that goes from whites and grays...
to Black. Love the space shown below. Clearly this wouldn't work in most homes, but you could take it down a notch.

And we'll end some darker gray ones and another touch of black at the Berkley Hotel in London.



  1. Oh, I love Barbara Barry, too! It's looking like you're in need of a very calming space and I'm sure it'll be beautiful. I'm curious who you're using. Email me when you get a chance!

  2. Gorgeous! Maybe I'll have a room in this palette some day. But, as long as I have little kiddos in the house, not gonna happen. ;)

  3. Barbara Barry is a wonderful source of inspiration. Everything looks so clean and chic. One day when our children are older-and I stop spilling my coffee-I'd love a cream colored couch.

    Until then, I'll enjoy living vicariously through you. Enjoy!

  4. I love Barbara Barry (and I'm a "color person" too!). All of her work is just so sophisticated and stylish. Her taste is impeccable. I particularly liked her spread in Elle Decor:


    It's very Mad Men!

  5. I love a neutral palette, it allows you to add any color that you fancy and pull it off. We have neutral wall and we like to change the colors of the pillows on our leather sofa often. Great post!

  6. as I am sure you know, I love neutral palettes! Thank you for sharing, and thanks for the heads up about this designer! I had not heard of her.

    We found our dog! Thank you for your concern!

  7. What are you up to?? Hm... Love the pics! I'm also a color person, but my decor always ends up in neutrals!! Am trying to improve though!! :D

    Thank you so much for the comments on my bathroom redo, and I was also over the moon about the ebay find. I mean, 1.99, is it even possible??

  8. very soothing colors, makes me relaxed just looking at them

  9. White just makes a room if you ask me! x

  10. Very serene. I've been toying with the idea of painting my currently orange dining room a pale pale shade of blue.

  11. That bedroom looks like such a fabulous retreat!

  12. I can't wait to find out more :)

    I'm a huge fan of Barbara! Beyond her stunning interiors, her furniture line is to die for, as is her flatware collection -- have you seen the black and white plates with her signature chairs? (Wedgewood) If you like her palette, you might also like these:


    Hope you're having a lovely week :)


  13. I am loving the skinny little legs on the Piedmont coffe table. Thanks for sharing!

    -Cara @ Live the Home Life

  14. I, too, love Barbara Barry and you're right, we don't hear that much about her. Thanks for these pictures- they're beautiful!


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