Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside

As I was reading Dagny's blog yesterday, I remembered what it was like to really be cold outside. My first two years out of graduate school, I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before moving there, I truly feared I might die of the cold. Then I learned it's all about the outerwear (and under wear). I may have been the only gal walking her dogs donned in skipants, skigloves, 2 scarves, and a long down coat with hood, but I was warm.

We're experiencing a cold snap here in the South- snow where there "shouldn't" be snow, high temperatures that don't break 30 or 40. Yes, to us, that is cold.

When one reads about Southern interiors, much of the talk about the Southern climate's influence refers to the oppressive heat. Southern rooms often feature cool, calming colors as a counterpoint to the hot, muggy outdoors. May I suggest that we Southerners have gotten pretty adept at handling the heat- it's the cold we don't do. So here are some rooms that warm me.

This is one of my all-time favorite bedrooms. I love a warm brown in the bedroom- so cozy and warm!

Atlanta Homes Magazine (Beth Webb and Nancy Pendergrast)

Chocolate in the library/great warm creates an equally cozy feel.

Southern Accents via Patricia Gray

D Home Magazine via Patricia Gray

Of course, hues of red immediately add some heat.

Southern Living 2005 Louisiana Idea House

Southern Accents Kim Zimmerman Interiors via Diane James

Southern Accents via Sensational Color

And of course, sunny yellow.

via My Home Ideas (I believe Southern Living)

Jan Showers, Southern Accents


Southern Living via Spark

And we'll end with something between red and yellow.

Melissa Rufty via Chinoiserie Chic

via A Gift Wrapped Life (from Style redux)

Home of Dedar Fabrizio from Veranda, September 2009

Fabrizio from Veranda via Gaita Interiors

via Matters of Style

Stay warm! And to our friends in Australia- I'm envious!



  1. It would be -10 degrees out today , that would be 10 F for you..;-) these room are defiintely warming..:-)

    I am going to brave a walk to the library today with a 2 and 3 yrd old.. wish me luck..

    and Happy New Year !!!

  2. Love Patricia Gray for Southern Accents-the white is such a punctuation!!

  3. Beautiful examples of how cozy and inviting bedrooms come in a variety of styles and colors. I especially love the chocolate room with the pop of pink hydrangeas, stunning!

  4. I looooove that brown bedroom. I would love to cozy up in there with a good book and a Starbucks mocha! :)

  5. Houston is expected to drop into the 20s Thurs/Fri and folks here are TOTALLY freaking out!

    I love that first chocolate brown bedroom. The headboard and shams are to die for.

  6. It's -9 F here in my town and yes...it's all about the outerwear - and the underwear!

    I really like the yellow!

  7. I'm heading to ATL later next week, so I hope the temperature begins to rise!

  8. Hallelujah! Those chocolatey browns and velvet textures are just what I've been missing. You're right, we southern gals can handle the heat but the cold makes us bonkers.

    Thanks for the comments today! Is Mystic a booth tan? Getting sprayed by a live person is just WAY too personal! The VersaSpa is by MagicTan, so you may have seen it under another name.

  9. Gorgeous rooms- love all the yellow (my fave color) but esp the last one...that canopied bed is amazing! :)

  10. I know - this cold weather is killing me! And it doesn't look we'll get a reprieve any time soon. Thanks for the bright images thought - that helps make the gray days more tolerable!

  11. amazing images, The first four pictures are fab!I love brown, chocolate color

  12. So sorry for the cold snap. If it makes you feel better, it just keeps pouring here in Seattle. My plants have all drowned.

    Love the pictures. Quite cozy!

    Happy new year to you!

  13. I was dreaming of a white Christmas, and got it, but I'm ready for the snow to stop.

    Wonderful images...reminds me of sunshine and hot cocoa. Thanks for leaving a comment on my last post.

  14. Thank you so much for the shoot-out! :D That snowy picture could have been right outside our house :) I'm completely loving that first chocolate brown bedroom! I've been wondering what to do with our brown bedroom, and I may use that pic for reference (MrB is completely refusing to repaint it!)

    Isn't that igloo hotel insane?? Am defnitely going to visit there once, and go on a snow sledding safari after! :D

  15. I do love that first bedroom too! ATL H&L mag is one of my favorites!

  16. It's freezing in Boston! I can't wait for the Spring!

  17. Lovely images, the chocolate brown bedroom is gorgeous.


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