Sunday, January 24, 2010

For the Love of Lemons

Last summer, Mr. Southern requested we plant a Meyer Lemon tree. Given that we live in the Northern part of Georgia, we planted the tree in a large container, preparing for the inevitable chill when we'd have to take it indoors. We watched with excitement as our little green globes slowly grew.

At long last, the lemons turned yellow (I was so excited I neglected to take a photo!) and we carefully snipped them from the bush. I've bought Meyer Lemons at the store before but was not prepared for the fragant, floral-almost, scent of the lemons' exterior.

I quickly looked up a recipe for lemon curd to make before I headed out (ironically) to Florida last week. I ran out of time to make the lemon buttercreme frosting I had intended, but the lemon curd was divine. Sadly, we have no starts of lemons right now but the plant probably needs some more sun, which will come soon! and some warmth (though it is in the bay window of our basement).

Florida, no offense to my California friends, is my go-to source for citrus and it was so appropriate that I was off to Orlando so shortly after I fell all over again for my Meyer Lemon. (though I must note that Meyer Lemons are more commonly found in Southern California). This has been a tough season for Florida Citrus fruits- the several below-freezing temperatures have threatened the crops several times already this year. Farmers currently are surveying the damage though it appears it has not reached catastrophic levels.

Given my recent voyage to the Sunshine state and my ripening of Meyer lemons, I bring you my citrus-inspired round-up. May it bring some cheer to your Monday!

I would not ordinarily select a scent based nearly exclusively on citrus. However, after inhaling the Meyer Lemon's skin, I'm tempted to give Demeter's option a try. Available at numerous online sources.

If this seems too much, perhaps give Fresh's Sugar-Lemon line a try.

Add a little zest to the bath with Spongelle's Infused buffer, available here.


Perhaps your kitchen could use a little brightening with some Italian Pottery? I stumbled upon Tranquility Alley and just love the vast array of home decor and furniture items they carry. Below is the Majolica large wall plate ($629).

Elsewhere in the home, add a squeeze of color with a citrus-shaded throw, as seen in this room by Remodlista.

Or a bright yellow and orange little pillow number, found at Amazon (!!??) by

Perhaps some cheery art...


from FreshLine

We'll end with a little "nightcap." How about this Charbay Meyer Lemon vodka? Available for about $35, but I'm thinking I may try my own..

Have a great start to the week! No travel this week so I will be much better about posting!



  1. I went into drooling bliss at "lemon buttercreme frosting." But then the citrus-shaded throw looks good enough to eat.

  2. Yummy!! And it has such a fresh color too!!

  3. Congrats on the lemon can never go wrong with lemon soaps and lotions! xx

  4. I just go to eat my first myers lemon from the tree as well!! We cut them off and let them ripen in the window. It was so good! We got two this past year. We have tons of flowers. Last year I heard that you have to pollinate them with a paintbrush. I tried to do this last night and the flower fell off. woops! guess the paintbrush was too big!

  5. I just love citrus trees in large pots! My parents have a bunch at there house in GA and the fruit is gorgeous, looks fake and that fragrance!

    If you ever get to St. Simons Island, let me know. There's the most wonderful lotion locally made that's infused with lemons. It's amazing!

    Glad you're back and I'm wanting to tag you in a post in the next few days. It's all about your favorite 'everyday' things.

  6. I have a little something for you over at my place. Hope your having a great day! XOXO

  7. Lemons make me think of spring...It's in the air here!

  8. I passed along the Sunshine Award to you! Check out my blog to grab the award!

  9. You are so lucky you live in an area where citrus trees grow! I love lemons and wish I could grow a tree up here, it is just too cold.

  10. How fun would it be to have a lemon tree? Sadly, we live in the northern part of the south (Kentucky) and our climate won't allow it. But I do love the scent!

  11. Thanks for the great post on all things lemon! Now I'm wondering if we could grow lemons here in Zone 7, hmmm

  12. I love the first piece of art! Very cheery! isn't it great having fresh produce right out your backdoor?! We have tomato and basil plants!

  13. I adore lemons and all they imply. I always have lemons to make lemonade. Actually I have some limes to make a key lime pie!

  14. It might be cliché, but you could try homemade limoncello. Yummm.

  15. I love lemons scents...I will definitely try these out! I am having a giveaway over on my blog today - design related - so check it out!

  16. Meyer lemon is one of my most FAVORITE things to bake with...I've always wanted a tree!

  17. What a fun post! I just love lemon---to eat and for a splash of color in my decorating schemes! I especially love the pottery you've included--that wall plate is gorgeous!
    XX Kate

  18. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! I crossing my fingers that I get some of those prints! :D

    Have a fabulous Tuesday!!

  19. Wonderful! There's something so fresh about it...we brought a lemon tree indoors over winter and I love watching it grow :)

    I will keep those scents in mind -- thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

  20. When we lived in Piedmont, CA- we had a established Meyer Lemon tree right outside our back door. I used to love to go out on a beautiful sunny day and pluck one off for dinner or lemonaide. Oh gosh, I miss that! What a life I had there! I so love those lemons....lucky you!


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