Sunday, January 17, 2010

Looking Outside My Bubble

While I was away last week, I honestly did not realize how much devastation was going on the rest of the world. In fact, am humbled by all the other bloggers' posts I read when catching up this weekend (and I'm still not caught up, so I apologize profusely if I've not visited lately!).

Admittedly, I rarely watch the news (just with Mr. Southern, and it's usually of a political nature) and I get virtually all my news from the paper when on the road. Of course, this hotel did not have any newspapers (??) so I was... blissfully ignorant.

While it's sometimes nice to hole up and reflect, I personally feel somewhat irresponsible if I remain totally unaware. I don't need to know all the horror stories on local news (quite honestly, I cannot stomach much of it) but I still believe it's important to know what's going on in this world of ours.

My intent is not to preach, but let you know where my heart is. I cannot believe the amount of devastation. I know that many have mentioned Unicef as a place to give-- they are a great option, with more than 90% going to the direct source and less than 10% of their funds going to "Supporting Services" (management and fundraising expenditures). My sister alerted me to a faith-based group as well, Compassion International. They give more than 80% "directly" and while their supporting expenditures are higher, they're still below 20%. Along the way, I discovered Charity Navigator, which may also help you identify some great sources to support.
Thanks to the fellow bloggers out there raising awareness and giving support. More frills and fun tomorrow.

Take care,

Please note that I re-worded the allocation of funds piece. When I said less than 10% to supporting services, I meant things like administrative offices- NOT the support to the people who need it. They do a great job balancing!!!


  1. Such an overwhelming tragedy. I'm a sure the more that help in even a small way will make a difference to the lives of the Haitians.

    I'm a bit like you in that I get to a point where I cannot always watch the local news... Take care xx Julie

  2. When Charlotte Moss gave her $10K to Unicef, I looked them up on Charity Navigator and they have a four star rating...I didn't think they gave that for charities that didn't put most of the money to use "on the ground".

    Well, darn. I also gave to another group that CNN aid was already there, hoping that would help, too.

  3. I am not a news watcher either, I cannot bear the dramas and it is always about what is wrong in the world.In times of great tragedies, I feel very useless as all I can do is donate within my means. I was only once in Haiti and was struck by not just the poverty but the lack of smile in people's eyes.

  4. Salvation Army is another great organization with very little of the money going to overhead.


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