Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Cents a Day... Hope and a Harp

Our church had the Spring Women's Dinner tonight (which is a whole separate topic forPicture of Daphne 47EX by Salvi Harp another time) but our entertainment for the evening was the Principle Harpist for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Elisabeth Remy.  I've just recently fallen in love with harp music- I find it so calming and centering (and yes, I realize that makes me even more of an old lady).  But Elisabeth started this fabulous program I found very interesting- Urban Youth Harp Ensemble - and just had to share.   

The program essentially offers harp lessons to 5th - 12th graders either during school or after school.  In addition to learning musical skills, the kids involved have opportunities to apply for various college scholarships, thereby increasing the likelihood they will continue their education after college.  Brilliant.  

Much to my mother's dismay I'm sure, I have left my musical days far behind and honestly don't think much about the importance of music in schools.  I always had the luxury (??) of receiving the appreciation (and lessons) of music at home.  For those who don't, however, programs such as this one give kids exposure to all sorts of great art.  Given the downturn in the economy, and the loss of a significant foundation, the Urban Youth Harp Ensemble has initiated a Dime a Day, asking for just $36.50 per year to help fund the program.

Family and Friends concert next Monday, May 19, 7:00 PM in Leete Hall at Carver High School.


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