Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scarfing it Up

Image from The Gap...

Loving the summer scarf thing.  I've realized that, by and large, I do much better with simple, classic clothes with pops of accessories.  Thus, this trend is perfect for me!  And interesting how this trend falls right in line with the "new economy" shop your closet.

I picked up two cute and bright scarves from Target yesterday (just $15 and $20 bucks) and this morning am creating a look based on those.

Here are some other options.

Options from the Gap, $24.50

Banana, $69

Eileen Fisher cotton voile scarf, $108, and silk Shibori scarf, $168

The rest are not quite the same, but are the terribly classic scarves and just beautiful.
Limited Edition Jubilee Scarf
Lilly Pulitzer Jubliee Scarf, $50

Hermes silk scarves: La Rosee, Per Astra Ad Astra, Peuple du Vent, and  Legende Moghul $375. Multiple colors available; I'm of course drawn to the orange.

Thinking I'll have to go with one of the Hermes.


  1. Great choices - I love the orange, too!

  2. This post made my heart go piter-pat! I LOVE scarves - the colors tend to be so beautiful. I have to confess, I'm not terribly good at wearing them - I just really like having them :)


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