Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Queen

I have to do a big shout-out to Mr. Southern Aspirations. He read through Daily Candy (I love it!), and identified AltoRex Lounge as a hip place to grab a before-dinner cocktail for my birthday yesterday. Note that AltoRex is Latin for "high king" (or in this case, queen). The drinks were fabulous and the lounge was so cool. I have totally fallen for the St. Germain Elderflower cocktails and enjoyed one made with gin, grapefruit juice, and mint. Mr. SA had a mojito (his new drink of choice). Highly recommend it. It's adjacent to the Hotel Palomar, a Kimpton hotel.

Lounge with great green fabrics, white round tray tables, and white chairs with green seats and black pillows (surprisingly comfortable) Fire pit is visible in the distance.
Fire Pit in front of green-cushioned "couch."
My favorite section. Cabanas (reserved) in the background with moss-covered marble stepping stones. Again, can I say how much I love this fabric?
Seating under the covered area, featuring a waterfall wall. Very relaxing sound.

I couldn't find any pictures of the actual bar area, which is surrounded by a wood pergola. A great contrast to the white and stone. I'll have to go back and take more pictures!

We had dinner at Bacchanalia (Greek for celebration of food and wine based on the Greek god of wine)- fabulous tasting menu.
I am a very lucky gal!


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