Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shedding my Assets

Time for a personal post- and a quick break from decor/gardening/cookingetc.  

Admittedly, I sometimes feel like the only curvy Southern gal in Atlanta (which is ridiculous, I know) but this baby got back (and some chest...and with that some heavier upper arms).  Which means that it can be difficult sometimes to pull off my favorite prepster looks by J Crew and Lilly.  

Additionally, I've managed to regain some pounds since our wedding that I had worked so hard to shed.  So, starting today, I'm kicking myself back into gear.
For me, that means two things: Weight Watchers (aka Dub-Dub) and Jillian Michaels.  Now, I have to admit that I am growing tired of Jillian's pop-up ads, but this girl is effective.  Also, after listening to her on Mike Huckabee's show (yes, Mr. Southern has a ridiculous affinity for FoxNews), I was even more inspired.  She used to eat Cheetos (my favorite snack food)! So yes, she is highly commercialized now but I don't care.  She's got great fitness routines and I'm planning on buying other DVDs (I currently own the 30-Day Shred and Biggest Loser Cardio and Sculpting).

For the WW, it's not fun.  I am a huge foodie but the sad truth is that I (and most people) cannot eat whatever we want whenever we want.  I will still bake and eat ice cream and dine out- I just have to learn to do it in moderation.  I'm just not terribly good at moderation- in anything in my life!  But, it's more not-fun trying to squeeze into clothes that used to fit than it is to count points.  The key, of course, is remembering that.  

I'll probably never be a size 4, but I am committed to getting back to my size 8.  And for me, that will be kick-ass enough.


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  1. Go Emmie!! I bought the 30 day shred and am doing it in my kitchen so the neighbors below don't kill me (the tiles help soften the pounding :)

    WW here, too...I just used 45 points yesterday. Which means no room for fun the rest of the week!


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