Friday, May 29, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

I'm inspired to dedicate a post to my "kids," Samantha, Tilghman, and Madison.  They have added to much joy to our lives- I cannot imagine life without them!  Here are several resources that I enjoy- specifically for the dogs or from people who love dogs.

Stray Dog Designs, inspired by the couple's adopted stray dog in Mexico, offers super cute furniture, lighting, and home accessories.  I believe that most (if not all) items are made from recycled materials in Mexico or Haiti.  A portion of all proceeds goes to support selected charities, including the Sociedad Protectura de Animales in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

this is the product
Method, the clean people, do a great job of offering environmentally responsible and animal-friendly cleaning products.  They've recently introduced an all-purpose dilutable cleaner, which promises to be safe for pets, $4.  Because you know your dog is going to eat off the floor if given the opportunity- it's nice to know he/she isn't also licking up a bunch of toxins.

Skinneez Stuffing Free Dog Toys

Doctor Fosters and Smith Skinny Toys, $6.99.  Made without stuffing- perfect for those stuffed-animal hunters intent on destroying... and ingesting...regular stuffed toys (Tilghman eats everything).  I also highly recommend their "Grunter" series- our dogs haven't destroyed the moose yet!  This site is also a great source for things like reasonably-priced leashes and collars, as well as other necessities like ear cleaners.

Lunabrite Life Vest 
For more designer leashes (like the Lilly Pulitzer ones shown above), charms, beds, or even life vests, In the Company of Dogs has some great items for pets and their people.

I visit FreeKibble daily- it's a website started by 12-year old Mimi Ausland, featuring daily trivia questions for Dogs and Cats.  For each click/visit, Castor and Pollux will donate 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters.  Though it may not seem like a lot, it adds up!  

Though I've not purchased any crate covers yet, Doghouse Covers has some great-looking slipcovers for crates, $30-$55. For those who can sew, I'd think this would be a great project! For those of us who cannot, Doghouse Covers has some super cute and affordable options. Based in Charleston, SC, the company also supports animal charities (yay!)

I've never used this new airline, but I love the concept.  A pet-only airline, where pets fly in the main cabin.  Potty breaks before boarding, a pet attendant who checks on them every 15 minutes while en route, and pet lounges at departing/arriving airports.  Intro rate of $149.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to put in a plug for other furbabies needing a good home. Petfinder is a great source for adopting an animal!  Lots of organizations are on there- including the places where we got our kids.  

Samantha-Fluvana SPCA (outside of Charlottesville, VA), 
Madison- Retrieve a Golden Atlanta (Minnesota area), and Tilghman- Adopt a Golden Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia).


  1. My dog is like my baby! I loved this post! Thanks!

  2. Great products! And cute photos.

  3. these are the cutest dogs! i have two of my own (both rescues from the athens area). we are in definite need of a couple of dog house covers and i do not sew! thanks for the links.

  4. I came across Stray Dog Designs a while ago and I agree - they have some great stuff!

  5. So beautiful. I adore my dog, their love is unconditional!!

  6. Thanks for featuring a dog from my local SPCA. We have so many great pups looking for homes!


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