Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be Still My Heart... Juliska at OKL

I adore glass... pieces with simple elegant lines as well as those with a touch of whimsy.  In fact, instead of crystal, Mr. Southern and I actually registered for Simon Pearce glass for our recent marriage.   You can just imagine my joy then when One Kings Lane emailed me about today's event... Juliska.  And of course, right at a time when I was putting myself on a strict interior decor budget... to pay for all my plants I'm installing.

Here are some of my favorites... please, someone buy them so that I may live vicariously through you!
Clear Isabella Beaker Lamp
Clear Isabella Beaker Lamp, $199.
Wouldn't this look fabulous on a bedside table?

Silver Eve Candlestick Lamp
or perhaps the Silver Eve Candlestick lamp for $319.  
Please note that the shades are sold separately.  

And the Clear Hugo Bedside Carafe set... perfect for the guest room (or your room), $55
Clear Hugo Bedside Carafe Set
I don't think there are enough good bedside carafe options in the market.

Or perhaps the simple Octavia set, prices $24-$44?
  Clear/White Octavia TumblerClear/White Octavia Footed Tumbler
Clear/White Large Octavia GobletClear/White Small Octavia Goblet
I can imagine a million uses for these glasses... not just for drinking purposes.  Great floral displays, toothbrush holder in the bath... 

And let us not forget their stoneware... Fortunately (sort-of), OKL is not offering many of the white pieces, which would look best with my current kitchen.  In my dream white kitchen though, these would look perfect!

 Pistachio Green Teapot
Pistachio Green Teapot, $49
Butter Yellow Small Footed Compote
Butter Yellow Footed Compote, $18-$49 depending on size
Pistachio Green Large Pitcher
Pistachio Green Large Pitcher, $42
Pistachio Green Large Cake Stand
Pistachio Green Large Cake Stand, $55

These prices are amazing, though I wonder how they selected the assortment?  Regardless, what a great event.  I'm sure you are on the list, but if you need an invitation, let me know (emmie2008 at gmail dot com).


  1. The glasses are beautiful - wonderful shape.

  2. I think we need bedside water glasses and carafe in our house!


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