Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Box it Up-- Stylish Laquered Stationery Boxes

My poor husband has a real problem with saving every piece of paper he's ever received. Seriously- he has rental agreements, paycheck stubs, etc. dating back for like 10 years. While he does a good job of filing those papers away, he does not do a terribly good job of filing the current month's collection of papers. I was tempted to show you a picture of his desk, but I'm too embarassed. Making matters worse, his office is in the front room of our house, in place of a formal living room.

Solution: stylish lacquered boxes. I've been looking for ones that will fit 8 1/2 x 11 paper and I've finally found them! Several of them in fact! Below, are various sizes of boxes and sources.

White/Black Stacking Lacquer Boxes, $64-$108, from lille a shop

Duck Egg/Sand Stacking Lacquer Boxes, $64-$108, from lille a shop

Pink/Chocolate Stacking Lacquer Boxes, $64-$108, from lille a shop

Distant Origins Lacquer Stationery Box, 9.5"x12.5"x2.5", $145 at Vivre

Barneys has a very similar white version as well for $135, Barneys New York

Laquered boxes and trays, $45-$130 at Vivi

Tri-Blue Collection, $72.50 -$92.50 from JayJayDecor

Bodhi Leaf White Stationery Box 12.5"x9.5"x2.5", $122.50 from JayJayDecor

Dragon Fabric inlay with lacquer 12.5"x9.5"x2.5", $122.50 from JayJayDecor

Computer Disk Box, 5.25"x3.75"x6" at Envie Home Decor

Set of 3 Black Decorative Lacquer Boxes
Set of 3 Black Boxes, $265 at Instyle Decor

Set of 3 Espresso Lacquered Boxes, $295 from Plantation Home (additional styles and trays available as well)
Macassar Wood Jewelry Boxes
Macassar wood jewelry box (but could be used for desk organization, don't you think?) $495 at Williams Sonoma Home

Marquetry Jewelry Boxes
Marquetry Boxes, $108-$148 from Williams Sonoma Home (coordinating trays available as well, $168-$198)

Pacific Connections seems to be the source for several of these and even offers Bath Accessories!


  1. What a beautiful selection of boxes! I love the black and white, but I would take the orange, green, or the beautiful wood finish... Now if I just had some equally elegant things to stash inside.

  2. i'm in love with the lille a shop boxes! thanks for sharing!


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