Friday, May 8, 2009

Dining with Tom Colicchio- well, at least at Craft

Happy Mother's Day! We'll be dining at Craft-Atlanta and I'm so excited. The brunch menu seems incredibly reasonably priced.

Now, for a behind-the-scenes at Tom's rental in NYC. Small kitchen is inspiring! If he can make it work, we should all be fine in our kitchens. :-)

Here's a view of the restaurant below....


  1. I loved this article!! We just had lunch at his 'wichcraft sandwich place Friday. You should look up his Tuesdays w/ Tom in NYC. There is a dining area/kitchen and he does the menu with whatever is in season (so you have no choice). Every other Tuesday, hard to get reservations (I think it's at Craftbar).

    I love love love Tom :)

    How was it????

  2. Service was not particularly good, after I was informed I had to confirm our reservation on Friday, they made us sit outside for 20 minutes after our appointed time, didn't serve the brunch menu- the dinner menu from the night before with a few egg dishes. The food was good and the space is cool but the overall wasn't great, sadly.


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