Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to School Excitement

To those basking in the delight of summer, I certainly don't want to rush the season along, but... Retailers are starting to set the Back to School Displays and my heartrate is starting to quicken.  No, it's not nightmares of forgetting my locker combination or that end of the semester is near and I haven't gone to a single class (though I still have those), it's because I get so excited over school supplies.  I don't need them, but brightly colored folders, pencils, pens, erasers... they seem to be calling my name.
Hanadeka Club™ Sharpener & Eraser 67690AW_F.JPG

While I manage to limit my purchases of the 64-pack of Crayola Crayons, the Back to School season completely inspires me to get organized (again).  Instead of construction paper and bookbags, I turn to fun stationery and stylish desk organizers. 

Below are some inspiring photos to maintain my dedication to organization and reducing clutter in our house.  

The Mothership of Home Organization- The Container Store.  In fact, I have an order to pick up there today for my Pantry Project (more to come on that).  Try this time-saver and save 15% when you order online and pickup at the store with code click15offer.  

Three photos above from The Container Store

The container store may have a little competition from Where else can you get cleaning products, closet items, aprons, personalized stationery, storage, and more!? 

Storage FurnitureCloset Rods

Aprons and Gloves
Social StationeryBoxes

Plus, they now feature an Organized by Color section, which I adore.

Reminiscent of the well-shared color-organized library.


And of course, we can't forget Ikea.  A great source for inexpensive storage finds as well as business organization solutions.

The print (and online "print") world features loads of inspiring photos.

Ahh, Real Simple, the Queen of beautifully styled organization photos.  Would they sell as many magazines without the serene, yet colorful, covers?

Some Pantry inspiration from Country Living, a magazine I must take another look at.

organized bathroom
Some white calm from Coastal Living...


Does the Back to School Season inspire you in any way?



  1. I am with you! I love school and office supplies and seeing all these beautifully organized spaces makes me so happy!

  2. I am so excited to see all the new things that are out for back to school season this year- buying containers and things to get organized is a serious issue for me- I go overboard all the time- I just LOVE IT!!!

    Great collection of photos :)

  3. well, i work at a university so all the college kids come back and it inspires me to want to have a big margarita. ha! i could use some of these supplies for myself though.

  4. JoAnn and I have been out cruising and shopping for birthday presents. So we've seen bunch of moms with their college age daughters everywhere we've been. Not school supplies but sheets, towels, laundry gear, and the like.

    I think moms have a special glow (somehow) when shopping for the kids who are setting up away from home. I know JoAnn did. It must be in the genes.


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