Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shutze Part III: The Final Installment

Last and final post on Shutze- I hope you have been enjoying these as much as I have.  And may I just say that I am absolutely over the moon by my "anonymous" poster yesterday regarding my bit on her Pink Palace!

Today, we're back to ownership opportunities- and at a slightly more affordable level (well, sort-of).  This home I completely missed, so thank you again to Things That Inspire for pointing it out.  The house is located at 3124 East Pine Valley Road and is on the market for $1.6M, already down $350k from the original asking price.  (Side note: original poster of the home's listing misspelled Philip so the search didn't work as well).  

Anywho, I didn't find much history on the house.  TTI informed me that the house is a "real fixer-upper." Though I think I pay too much in income taxes (no political message here, just my personal opinion), I still cannot fathom (nor manage) spending a cool 1 1/2 mil on a home that needs fixing up.  But there are several of them available near this home for those of you who are interested!  

Several of the rooms certainly seem a bit dated compared with several of the other properties we've looked at.  But the garden/outdoor area is still fabulous.  I think that fantastic yards are required in this neighborhood.  And look at the super-cute shed out back! 

All photos from real estate listing

If you, like me, can't yet swing an entire Philip Shutze house, you can own a part of one by purchasing a condo at The Villa.  Thanks to Terry, the Architecture Tourist, for pointing this out. I wasn't going to include the building initially, but after looking at the images, I decided I must.  In love with the Italianate exterior.  I did not see any properties available now, but you can put your name on a waiting list should one come up for sale or for lease. 

After viewing a few of the outdoor photos, I wondered if I could negotiate a deal for part-time residency if I did gardening work there, but alas, a large landscaping project is already underway.  

I just love these tile floors in the Lobby with light streaming in from both sides.

I admit that I am not "wowed" by the interiors of the upper floors...

But the ground-level apartment definitely appeals to me (and would be more practical with the dogs, too...if they were even allowed? That would be a deal breaker).
Love the bright and airy bath, though sad there is no claw foot tub here.

And check out this kitchen!  J'adore! I may have found my storage solution for flour/sugar/etc- love the jars.

That wraps it up!  Have an inspiring day!



  1. I've enjoyed this series of posts immensely. The architecture of Philip Trammell Shutze has been a minor hobby of mine since discovering that he was one of the original members of my fraternity at Georgia Tech.

    I highly recommend the book "American Classicist: The Architecture of Philip Trammell Shutze" by Elizabeth Meredith Dowling. It is out of print but you might be able to find a copy at a library.

    In addition to the properties that you've listed in Atlanta, there is currently a Shutze-designed residence for sale on Sea Island. You can view several photos of this beautiful home at (it is listed as Cottage 79 on East 9th Street, priced at $8,500,000).

  2. Tucker- thanks for the comment! I have the book you cited on hold at the public library. Thought I'd review it and then determine if I want to buy it (I think Amazon has a few copies). Great find on Sea Island too- will check it out!

  3. Now THAT'S an apartment complex I could live with. Wow!

  4. It's The Villa that does it for me. If you find yourself near Emory, try to visit the "little chapel" in the Glenn Memorial Education Building. Glen church itself is one of my favorites - great building is a setting that shows them off. But the little chapel is a breathtaking surprise. You'd never know it was there.

  5. Right now I'm wavering towards Cottage 79.

  6. Yes, cottage 79. Wow. But what is up with the light fixture in the kitchen and the disposable bottle of dishwashing liquid? I may have to break my "this is it" and do another feature. Perhaps showing Sea Island or something.


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